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  1. i want coco-loco and light warrior seed starter but cant find it avalable, out or cant order. is there similar products i can substitute that are avalable in ohio indiana area?
  2. Im in indiana not far from ohio line and i dont think theres anywhere around to get stuff besides indianapolis area

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  3. Amazon ebay used to sell it,,did u google it? It'll pull all kinds of places up to buy online!

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  4. ship costs over $80.on web. trying to find local drive distance. now can i substitute soils similar to coco loco? im useing kind soil and i dont want to create issues with kind soil. ive always used coco loco with it, like they suggest.
  5. Just get a good organic potting soil, some EWC, some composted Chicken Manure and some chunky perlite. Mix your soil, 30% perlite, and your kind soil concentrate

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