Soil Growers Using Nutrients in Soil , Question about Reservoir feed supply?

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  1. I have seen where growers use a reservoir and keep like 50 gallons on circulate in hydro and it stays fine for a week. Question, Can I premix a batch of water with nutrients ahead of time for feeding to my plants in soil now that I am feeding every 2 days? In other words I want to make approx 10gals of feed water and have it all ready for a few days. I have air stones that I was also planning on using to keep it moving.
    I do not have much time to take care of them and any little bit helps.
  2. Kinda like a drain to waste system but have water pre-mixed and PHed
    I am aware the PH may change slightly if left to long.
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  3. Yea you can do this you need a pump that goes in the water not one that pumps air into the water.
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  4. OK So get a water pump that recirculates it in my water storage tank?I guess it keeps the minerals and Nutes from separating , is that correct?
    Thanks Much.
    Any idea how long it can last like this, a week to 10 days good ballpark figure?
  5. You could probably manage for a little while with the air stones but they get clogged up
    I'm not 100% sure on that but the guy at the hydro store sid that when using the air stones for this they get clogged. Here is the pump I got.. I have not set up yet but i had the same idea.
    20190901_184225.jpg 20190901_184209.jpg
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  6. Never mind dude I think the guy told me wrong if you do just like a dwc you should be fine. You will need it to be light proof with enough air to make bubbles through the whole top of the bucket. Should last 7-12 days.
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  7. I am going to ask some better minds than ours on the subject and get a correct answer by tomorrow. Its night right now btw.
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  8. OK
    Thanks , I know it can be done because when I 1st did a grow I tried to set up an auto watering system
    What a disaster that was . The feed water was fine for a week and I had small pump on timer and airstone in the Reservoir that came on once a day and feed enough water to keep them happy.
    Was working good and then the dam thing flooded my whole room carpet and into basement .
    Now I was thinking of just having premixed feed water to do keep feeds.
    I may just stick with mixing ever 2 days, the plants are drinking 4 gallons every 2-3 days depending on where the dehumidifier is set for .
  9. Yea I am working on learning bubble buckets just because it is so time consuming to mix nutes every time.
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  10. Your medium is soil? Why are you feeding every 2 days?
  11. Still working on the feed schedule , but they are drying after 2 days so every 3rd day I water, plants are in flower and drinking lots. Plus dehumidifier is set to 45% to keep the air dry.
    Maybe that is why the pots are drying so fast.
    Killset, have you grown in soil using nutes? I need some help maybe.
  12. Yes I have, for almost 25 years before going full organic and building my own soils. What size container are you growing in and how do you check if they are dry?
  13. Growing in 7gal hard pots. The soil is an older soil that I added lots or perlite for good drainage and vegged out in just soil and a vegan feed, Plants grew great.
    Now since I went to flower I started feeding them more bloom and micro and no nitro(grow)
    I had a PH problem that I have been adjusting, and the leafs are looking much better. I cut the Micro and bloom back to 6ml and 9ml , plants look better.
    I have been watering until the feed water starts to drain out into tray and then shop vac up, I water when the pots feel light, every 3 days. The soil is plenty dry when I do, I don't want root rot.
    One of my questions for you would be should I feed every watering or skip every other with plain or diluted feed like half strength?
    I fear I may be over feeding , my runoff water is still around 7ph , should be lower?
    Thanks much, I only grew soil once using nutes.
  14. Yea so I got the scoop... just make a garbage can with some air stones and make sure to check ph before every feed.
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  15. Yes you need 6.0 to 6.5 ph
  16. Thanks I was thinking along those lines make sure PH is on point
  17. I pre mix 5 gallons and use it for 3 - 4 days. No problems.
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  18. Good to hear, no weird PH swings or burning of the leaves I hope, Can I ask what PPM are you feed water feed at
  19. I don’t check it. I don’t worry about ph or ppm . Just mix it and use it. Shake it up beforehand. Don’t have any burn issues due to this.
  20. What nutes are you using?

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