Soil Growers and Cheap PH Meters

Discussion in 'First Time Marijuana Growers' started by SlackerBee, Sep 13, 2009.

  1. If you're just getting started growing in soil or running into troubles, I highly suggest picking up a cheap ph meter. ( less than 10 bucks at HD or Lowes)
    I've heard others question their accuracy, but my experience has been nothing but positive over years of use. A fert that I use causes a slow ph climb and once the PH climbs past ~ 7.3 - 7.5 , visible symptoms begin to occur.
    Clean the probe after every use and check each plant every week or two. I use scotch-brite to lightly burnish the probe.
    Keep your PH between 6-7 and you'll be surprised how many other "issues" disappear.

    Anyway, Happy Growing and try not to over complicate things :),
  2. i love my cheap-o-meters. got one that does moisture, ph, & light, & the other does ph & fertility.
  3. I use my moisture meter's amazing how infrequently you really need to water when plants are young..............there are so many novice growers that water once or twice a day.......way too much. With the meter, you KNOW when they're thirsty.

    I haven't tried the pH probe that you use SlackerBee.......I have seen 3 in 1 probes that do moisture, pH and light intensity...........I'll have to check them out. I currently just check the run-off with my Hanna Combo meter. I haven't really had issues however, my well water reads at 7.2 and the runoff comes out of the pot at 6.3.
  4. ChunkDaddyo,
    I wish I had 7.2 well water :) ... My tap is closer to 8 and as a result, I find it necessary to be a little more vigilant than in the past. BTW: I use that same cheap 3 way. A few min with the light meter can be fairly educational in terms of coverage area.
  5. That light meter would be worth the cost of the entire meter, with the moisture and pH a plus.:cool:

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