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  1. ok here is my soil lineup

    50% phagnum peat moss
    25% FF Ocean Forrest
    25% Black Gold Perlite

    Ive grown this strain before (PPP) and used a 2/1 FFOF/Light Warrior mix and never had this problem. I checked my ph with one of those shitty ph soil tester and it said it was around 7.5. From my past experience Im guessing i should flush first and see what i get from that. Last watering was ph water with 5 ml cal/mag as I tought it was a cal/mag deficiancy. here are the pics. thanks guys for the help. Im filling up my res now getting ready for a major flushing.


  2. bump.....
  3. I don't think the pH is supposed to be 7.
    Just my opinion...
  4. yeah i understand that. I just flushed trying to get it down. I dont know why my ph shot up so high. I have to get the right soil mixture before i start a flowering cycle.
  5. yup, your burnin her, keep watering with straight water and don't get miracle-gro.
  6. That's not burn, that plant is deficient of nutrients and while it might be the ph, it also might be because spag moss and perlite don't have any in them, and the soil you are using at 25% isn't enough. When you flush the rest of what ever is in the soil out, you will have nothing there at all and your plant will die. I would transplant that plant into a new bucket with decent soil. I'd mix that FFOF soil at 50%, earth worm castings at 25% and perlite at 25% and buy some decent nutrients....or the same soil mix with some blood meal, high P seagull guano, and kelp meal... organic alternative. Repot it and feed it.
  7. thanks skunk. I repotted them in ffac/light warrior mix 2day and i added some hygrozyme. They are alraedy lookin up :) After some research moss can become extremely acidic. Well that mix is in the trash and now its time for the good shit. thanks again. and what is wrong with my nute line?
  8. I'm not actually much of a 'nute line' kinda girl, I like prestocked, well balanced soil that just needs watering... but I hear General Hydroponics, General Organics, Fox Farms trio and many others are good. I have used them all over the years, I think that the one I used last and loved the most was Neptunes Harvest... had Neptune on the front and it is probably more widely available now even.
  9. o gotcha. This is my first grow so im going to have alot of trial and error and testing to see what me and my strain are comfortable with. There lookin lovely today, Much better soil mix :)

    Here is one from earlier that I LST all the branches back down after repotting. I gave her a day to get set before i began.

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