Soil grow - P.H meter - Money wasted

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by D-Mouse, Mar 6, 2004.

  1. I went shopping today and got me some things:

    Bio Bizz Bloom,
    Bio Bizz Grow,
    Bio-Bizz Alg-A-Mic,
    Bio-Bizz Topmax Organic Bloom Stimulator,
    Checker by Hanna (Digital PH tester),
    P.H Down phosphoric acid,
    P.H Up potassium hydroxide,
    P.H 4 Buffer,
    P.H 7 Buffer.

    I got my Bio Bizz from and am waiting for it to be delivered, can't wait.

    I got my p.h tester from a local shop and i'm not sure i needed it??

    I'm growing in soil, and i can't check to soils ph with it??
    Since getting it home i read in some posts that i shouldn't use phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide in soil as it will kill the roots of my plant and all the things that live in the soil??

    Please help, i just want my babies to do well,
    Thanks for all your help!!
  2. also i forgot to get some storage solution for the ph probe, is it safe to store it in p.h 7 buffer, or water or something???

    is it safe for my plants to use phosphoric acid and potassium hydroxide for ph up/down in soil???

    thanks again
  3. i have never had a worry about my pH in my inside grow.
    u start adding strong acids or bases and u are asking for problems. if u really think ur soil is not in balance, replace it. sumthing like Promix soil would take a mighty lot to get it out of wack to begin with. i would be more concerned WHY ur soil would be going out of balance than the actual soil movin.
    id bet my soil thru an entire grow doesnt move more than .5 pt.

    as to the pH meter, tap water isnt quite 7. distilled is much closer. not just bottled water but distilled. that is what we always kept ours in.
  4. you got all the right equipment to go a hydro tech on your grow. But for a soil grow, you went way overboard on the equipment. All you really need is a good cheap potting soil, a self-watering pot, seeds, and sunshine. it ain't called weed for nothing.........

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