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  1. alright so I just wanted to show everyone my soil grow that i've got going on, and I was hoping to get some opinions.

    This plant was started in a small red plastic 'solo' cup, then transferred into a 3 gallon bucket after a month. I used miracle-gro potting soil mixed with a little bit of perlite.

    I started this plant on oct. 15th, 2009 on full spectrum fluorescents, but moved it to a 400w HPS later. I named it gloria, hoping it would be a female.


    This is what it looked like 3 weeks into growth.

    now, when it first sprouted my girlfriend was supposed to be watching it, and watering it but she forgot.. what else is new. so for the first week or so it had no water, but it was on a 18/6 hr light schedule.

    this is how it looked a month and a half into growth, still under the fluorescent. still on a 18/6 hr schedule.


    two weeks later it looked like this, starting to get nice and full. This is when I switched it to the 12 on 12 off schedule... but still under the fluorescent. (didn't have cash for the HPS yet :p)


    two weeks after that and its really starting to look like a cannabis plant!
    now this is when I got my 400w HPS. it really makes a difference, i can see major growth daily now..

    and now, this is what it looks like today... a few days into HPS flowering.



    funny thing is, this is just a seed I grabbed out of a regular bag... not even decent buds. I'm lucky it turned out to be a female.. I'll be even luckier come harvest time.
    I'd love to hear comments!
  2. excellent job for such a casual time of it man, It's good to hear success stories from people who just sorta wung it and came out on top... give me hope :D
  3. Looks good man although your plant looks mighty stretched, how far away did you have the CFL ??
    goo thing to switch to the HPS but make sure you have some ventilation for the heat and a carbon filter for the smell and keep it about a foot and a half away from her,
    should turn out nice, Try avoiding miricale grow too, it is not very good for marijuana plants.
  4. I tried to keep the CFL 2-4 inches above the top of the plant at all times.. but i actually broke my collarbone in the end of october, and I wasn't to motivitated to attempt to adjust the height of my light every day with one hand, so I just moved it up pretty high, maybe 7-10 inches and just let it grow until I could utilize my healing limb again.
  5. do you have any idea on what you are going to do with ventilation?
  6. well i've got it in the basement of my house, near a crawl space.... I have 3 decent box fans that I have circulating the air throughout the room... as for an actual ventilation system, i have nothing. I'm hoping the box fans will do. But i'm open for advice

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