Soil for flowering NEED HELP

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  1. Aye all you green thumbs I've been vegging my plants for two months in a mix of MG bloom, perlite, and some seedling soil. I understand I'm a noob and I'm going to transplant my plants into their final home for flower. I want to get the soil right help you guys I want my first grow to be a success. I have two beautiful strawberry cough plants and may have jumped into this to soon thanks for any comment :)[​IMG]

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  2. I used a mix of FF ocean forest, Black gold, perlite and coco-coir on my first grow and it worked great. They look like they're doing ok in what they're in though, a little short maybe but they look healthy.
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  4. That's a pic from 2 weeks ago lol I'll update when I get home if u care

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  5. Last week update [​IMG]

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  6. Thanks man that was an old picture I threw a new one from last week in on the thread, i had three but I had a bag seed that showed hermie so I junked her. Any way where can i pick up that stuff to give it a go

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  7. I got all my stuff from amazon this time, last time i bought soil at ace it came with fungus gnats. so far the two bags that have some from amazon are dry and nothing is buzzing around so here's hoping! If you want to see the mix i used and what all i did you can check out my journal.
    I don't claim my mix was perfect only that it worked really well for me pulling 381 grams from a 4x4 square on my first grow with it even though i had to harvest a week early because of a broken exhaust fan. Good luck on the grow man. [​IMG]

  8. I'm using Fox farm Happy Frog. Has worked well, with the nutes I'm using. Was $20 for a big bag.

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  9. Plants look healthy just small for 2 months of veg. They may be root bound in those pots. Probably a nice quality just won't yield much.
  10. Those plants are very for two months. If you are looking for a better yield you may want to change a few things. I use fox farms ocean forest soil. I would ditch any miracle grow items you have, try buying supplies at a local grow shop if you can.

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