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  1. hi there i have 2 lowryders growing they sprouted on saturday and seem to be doing ok this is my first grow so im not so sure but the soil seems to be drying out really quick as they are still seedlings i dont want to over water them but i am having to water every 3/4 hours any ideas of how i can stop soil drying out so fast? i am using a 125 w cfl and its about 4 inches from the plants and my grow box temp is about 85-90 help me please
  2. I wouldn't water them more than once a day no matter how tempting it is. Just because the surface is dry doesn't mean the roots aren't getting the water they need. I'm using 4 100w equiv. daylight bulbs and water once a day and the plants are looking great for being only 8 days old.

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  3. yeh but its not jsut the surface thats dry if i stick my finger in its bone dry about a inch down and your sprout does look awsome congrads
  4. How small of a container are they in? Even with those temps, the soil shouldn't be drying out completely in 24 hours. Try putting them in a 1 gal pot, and make sure your soil has the proper amendments.....perlite, peat moss, etc. Overwatering is one of the most common mistakes people make with seedlings. Too much water can cause dampening off, root fungus/mold, etc.
  5. I move my seedling from my window to my cfl's at night. I have 2 26 watt blue spectrum and 1 62 watt red spectrum. According to other people it is ok to have the CFL's very close to the plants. However I find this not to be true. My seedlings had their first set of leaves nearly burnt to a crisp, and I have a fan running over the lights and plants. I can touch the light without burning my hand however its too strong for the leafs. If you are using peat pots and have a fan blowing over them with the lights I noticed this drys my pots out fast too. Try to make a barrier that will break the wind from your fan (assuming you have one) from hitting directly to the pots. Also make aluminum foil reflectors to place around the base of your plants. This will keep the light from evaporating the water in the soil. Also make sure the shiny side is up on the foil and the dull side is facing down.
  6. great adivice i think it was the fan and the combination of really high temps i moved the grow box into the garage last night and my temps have been alot lower and temp stays about 80 now and havnt had to water once
  7. Do not make an aluminum reflector, you should be using mylar as aluminum will create hot spots, it absorbs some of the light that the plants need AND it's not very reflective at all.

    You also would be better of for vegging with more blue spectrum CFLS than you would be red, which are better suited for flowering.

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