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  1. Yesrerday i planted my germinated seeds into small cups of biobizz soil. And ipive been watering with 15mls each but they are drying out literally every 3-4 hours, do you think i should keep watering throughout the day or just leave it be?
  2. And btw, its a bright hot sunny day and their in direct sunlight. Considering they havnt yet sprouted should i take them out of the sun?
  3. Yes take them out of the sun, there is no need for sun at this point. 
  4. I wouldnt without direct sun they stretch awfully
    just put em in bigger pots
  5. They havnt sprouted yet, ill be moving them back into the sun when they do :)
  6. I would go ahead and put her into some patchy sun, maybe under another tree. When she sprouts and is big enough, I'd transplant to a bigger pot as soon as you can. Even though seeds can start in little cups just fine indoors, it's best to start bigger for outdoors IMO. Especially when you plant mid summer in the peak of the heat.

    One thing you could do is get your next size pots ready for transplanting and just nestle your starter cups into the soil where you will eventually plant them. Having the cool soil around the cups should help them not dry out so fast.
  7. Thanks, great idea about using the soil to keep it cool. Because ive started again with another set of seeds ofc im a little late into the growing process, do you think a 1 and 1/2 deep by 1ft wide bucket will be enough to see me through the entire grow?
  8. Like a 5 gallon bucket? That will probably be fine, although they may get rootbound towards the end of the season. I'd recommend buying a couple of 10+ gallon smart pots if you can't plant straight into the ground. The more root space you give you plants, the bigger they will get. Even in a short amount of time.
  9. Yeah a 5 gallon, their at hand so i was hoping they would be useful but i will try and find larger buckets. Ive got only 20L of some good quality expensive soil which is a good medium for cannabis, and 40L of some cheap peat free compost from my local supermarket for only £2, do you think i should mix the two or would that render the medium useless? Im growing 4 plants so the good soil can only cover one plant? The alternative is to grow one plant in the good soil and the rest in cheap soil?
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    Germination requires moisture and warmth that's it, if the soil dries out during germination it can be fatal to seeds. Keep em on top of your fridge so they're not too hot and cover email with seran wrap till they sprout, then put em out in the sun as soon as they cracked the soil surface.  Moisten em up a little and keep ur eye on em cuz it should only take 2-3days if you didn't already kill em!
  11. Mixing the two should be just fine. It's good to add a little compost or worm castings to store bought soil anyway. I'd only mix in maybe 1/3 compost so you don't make the soil too heavy. Maybe plant one plant into a mixture of the good soil and some extra compost, and try the other plant in just the compost and see how it does. I know I have all kinds of goodies pop up out of my home made compost.

    If you do use the buckets, make sure you drill holes for drainage.
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    Rule of thumb...1gal for every 2weeks of growth

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