Soil/drainage problems while in 5th week of flower. Way too risky to transplant, right?

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  1. I made the mistake of transplanting my female into a bigger pot with shitty soil (it turned out to be of a clay-like texture when watered and i didnt know), right before i started flowering. I didnt have much of a choice as I ran out of soil, it was im a tiny pot that I know wouldn't suffice for the size I wanted it to grow when in the flowering phase, and I live in a country where there are no garden supply stores nearby, had to get some random potting soil from the hardware and I rushed into it without checking how the soil would drain -- poor planning, and a big lesson learned on my first grow.

    It did quite ok in the first couple of weeks, leaves showed me she was happy. as I approach the first day of week 5, I've noticed that barely any water drains out from the anymore when I water/feed her. So I stopped watering for a few days as she was having a hard time taking it all in/it wasn't draining. And as a desperate attempt to try to help soak up excess water in the muddy soil, I tried to gently work a cup or two worth of coco+perlite into the soil.

    Buds are still coming along slowly, but surely, and getting frostier by the day. Although I have been concerned because her leaves have been a little droopy lately.

    Shes sustained a mix of nutrient and light burn through her life, you could see on the tips. I don't think any of that was a result of how I've been treating her lately.

    My very first grow, overall excited and happy to have made it this far and I am very inspired to continue growing and doing much better than this -- I'm not too ashamed to say that I've made a shitload of mistakes. She got stunted early on, and I should have put her into an even bigger pot. Shes in something like a 2.5 - 3 gallon plastic pot. I already have some 5 gallon fabric pots which I intended on using for these seeds that I have on the way -- my second grow which I want to do way better on. Shes super bushy still, and looks like a bonsai. But hey, I'm just happy I made it here.

    Big question, what should I do?

    Attempt a transplant? Cut a hole through the thick plastic bottom and put into a bigger pot?


    Appreciate any advice. Thanks!
    IMG20190602151026.jpg IMG20190602150959.jpg 2019-06-02%2015-26-30.jpg 2019-06-02%2015-26-49.jpg IMG20190602171905.jpg

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  2. You, clearly, put a lot of work into your plant; nice looking.
    It may be kinda late, but if it were mine, I'd transplant it into a five gallon fabric pot.
    It's a well-established plant; make an impression in the new (just moist) media in the 5 gallon pot that matches the pot the plant is in, now. Turn your plant up side down and remove the pot (yup,best a two-person job)... and drop the plant into the impression... fill in the spaces with your fingers, only... don't jam too down too tight.
    This is the way that I transplant ALL my houseplants; piece of cake.
    Again, it may be a little late... I do not know.
    Transplanting does tend to make some plants.... stop for a while; then burst forth.
    Nice work... may she grow!
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  3. Really appreciate your response, thanks for the encouraging words. I will observe her for a few days and definitely consider this! Funny how much one can panic and worry about the worst when doing something for the first time, so I appreciate you taking the time to share this.

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  4. Tip o' the hat.
  5. Decided to transplant today since she never perked up and seemed to be slowly getting worse. Suprisingly, the root ball looked healthy and all the roots were still white. Hoping this fixes the problem, put her in that 5 gallon fabric pot with better soil. Wish me luck! View attachment 2626628 IMG_20190607_170432_612.jpg

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