soil disposal!! serious Q!!

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by TheHemperor4:19, Feb 15, 2009.

  1. hey there guys.... i got a serious problem brewing... one ive given a little thought to, but have been unable to think up a good solution...

    so all you soil growers, and i dont mean the 2-3 plant people... im talking a few more plants.. but anyways..

    how would u safely get rid of.... roughly 90-100 gallons of soil....

    i can't really dump it in my backyard... and i dont want any neighbors seeing me carry mad buckets with soil outisde my house.... even at late nite....

    my best idea so far is to just take 5-6 plants, cover each indavidually with a black trash bag and hope for the best....

    haha... any other ideas out there??

    stealthy ways to get rid of large amounts of used soil??
  2. i used to load up all my old soil in black garbage bags, never with any stock, and take it for a ride to a to a local bfi bin and dump it all , never had any problems and never had to deal with it again. come to think of it i still do it with all my garbage!!
  3. what about filling boxes a few at a time? take it to a wooded area and dump it.
  4. Take it in black trash bags.
  5. id say get a couple 30 gallon at least 2 mil thick fill em up, n go for a nice ride to dump em, dont recomed dumpsters better off just tossin the bags in the woods or somethin...make sure no one sees you!!

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