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Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Indoors' started by sosogrow, Mar 2, 2023.

  1. IMG_20230302_134500169.jpg IMG_20230302_134454381.jpg IMG_20230302_134449076.jpg 16777901060198870018817900213025.jpg I love getting my hands dirty
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  2. i filled the buckets 3/4 of the way with the mix and topped them off with straight promix and perlite this time i used a shitload of perlite like 25% now i watered one to check drainage and runoff to see if it is hot and how the ph comes out
  3. and no i dont grow with blurple light at all thats just my grow room light to see by
  4. damnnnnnnnnn mang. The grow bug has bit you HARD!

    Good luck and look forward to seeing the jungle.
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  5. i may as well get one grow inside before summer hits hard then any clones can go outside by april
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  6. well i ran 2 gallons of 7.0 ph spring water through one and after the final collection the readings were 6.6 ph and 700 ppms i think those are decent numbers the drainage was really good too
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  7. once the grow is done don't chuck the soil out but keep adding to it, it gets better over time
    tho that 7.0Ph water is a concern?
    about now I take some natural poop(composted soils) and mix that to the mix too, its got the local bacteria in it,
    that are acclimatized to your zone they will cross breed with the bugs you bought.

    one secret of my soil is I have a lawn mower guy drop off his cuttings at my place that I then compost down, over the years this has lead my bacteria being from all me a HUGE range of bugs, the more bugs the more active due to acclimatization

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