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Soil conversion bag to volume in 5 gallon bucket?

Discussion in 'Absolute Beginners' started by oscar1984, Mar 12, 2009.

  1. Hey I was informed that the largest bag of Fox Farm Ocean Forest contains 38.6 quarts...if there are four quarts to a gallon does this mean that this one bag will fill 7 five gallon buckets? This is not making sense to me...? Pretty sure I am wrong whats up with this problem?:confused:

    Thank You
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    7 buckets of 5 gallon = 35 gallons total

    35 gallons = 140 quarts

    You'll need about 4 bags
  3. So one would be looking at approx. three bags for 6-five gallon containers?

    Thank You man....could be a miss I guess but either way thanks!
  4. well, simply convert all your untis to gallons.

    You said the bags were 38.6 quarts

    So think of them as 9.65 gallon bags.

    So you want to fill buckets of 5 gallons.

    You got an idea that one bag will give you just under 2 buckets of soil.

    So, ya , 3 bags minimum, 4 recommended

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