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  1. So I found this soil conditioner today at the grow shop, I was Wondering if anyone has used anything like this and how do I use it. Is it for veg only or both cycle s, when is the right time to use it, and do I mix it with my fert? Also got this bloom stuff as well. What do y'all think? IMG_20190814_171426_20CS.jpg IMG_20190814_171246.jpg IMG_20190814_171213.jpg
  2. So I can use it throughout the entire grow? Is it worth starting it 4 weeks into flower?
  3. Yea but you better flush for like a month lol. Any nutrients with 0 nitrogen, 50 phosphorus, and 30 potassium is going to leaf very harsh nutrient taste in buds and very harsh when smoking.
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  4. Ive never flushed my plant.........I figured I would before I do 48hrs of dark.
  5. So I start flush 1 month before harvest? How many times do you flush before harvest?
  6. Last 4 weeks are when the buds swell the most. You can add it just be very careful how much. Also they saw to flush 1-2 weeks.
  7. Awesome thanks man, I appreciate your replies!
  8. Do I flush every time I need to water, is that how often?

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