Soil Bugs? (Video links included)

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    Hey folks!

    So this is my first go at organics. Went to check and see if the plants needed any water, moved some soil to see how moist it was and all of a sudden I see these little bastards running around like I just ripped the roof off their house.

    Video link (uploaded in 4K):

    They are little white buggers. They a bit smaller than spider mites which I've been unlucky enough to deal with years ago, but haven't had any bugs for a long long time, so I'm unfamiliar with what these are.

    Reading through the forum, I still can't identify what they are. I haven't seen them jump, so I don't think they're springtails which leaves mealy mites, root mites or...?

    They only seem to hide under the top dry layer of soil. I don't have to dig more than a quarter inch to find them. They're not on any leaves, in fact the leaves and plant overall, are in tip top health.

    Paranoid grower here, help put my mind at ease?
  2. Are they small like almost the size of a period

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