Soil bug concerns

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  1. Hey gang,

    I just transplanted some seedlings yesterday. Today I mounded up some soil near the stem of one so as to make it less floppy. Because the wind was knocking it over. It is super windy here. Anyway as soon as I did so this red baby roach looking thing popped out of the soil. I killed it. I have never seen a red roach before. Anyway I mixed some organic soil with peat and worm poop fertilizer yesterday. And some sawdust looking stuff. I did not see anything at that time which looked like roaches or bugs. Should I try to do something about this? I also today bought another bag of regular soil, with humus. Anyway I was pouring out just a little to shore up one or these floppy seedlings. The soil felt wet. I immediately noticed 2 very tiny fly looking things. I was able to kill one. And I noticed a tiny clear worm. It disappeared into the dirt. I am hesitant to use this new soil for my other plants. The soil was in my home for only a few minutes before I opened it. But the bag did have tiny holes in it, so I guess that is how the bugs got in. I may use this soil in my garden but I am hesitant to use any more in these seedlings. Any tips for bug control would be appreciated. I will try to get some neem oil. I keep a clean house and I dont leave any food or boxes or dirty dishes out. I dont mind spiders so much but I really hate flies and roaches.
  2. bugs are in soil..its your job as a grower to find the good and the bad , and what to do to keep your plant alive
  3. The fly is most likely a fungus gnat and the clear worm is fungus gnat larvae. They are annoying and pain in the butt to fully get rid of

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