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Soil Brands List

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by GigZ-16, Apr 6, 2008.

  1. Soil Brands
    by: GigZ-16

    I have seen alot of threads asking about different types of soils so I figure I am going to collect and list different brands of soils and a description of each. If anyone has any others to add (I'm sure they're will be a few) post a reply and I'll add it to the list.

    Black Gold - Works well as it has no nutes, letting you control it all the way through.
    Fox Farm - Fox Farm appears to be the official GC soil of choice. Most growers say that is will easily nute burn young seedlings.
    Jiffy Pro-Mix - Good for growing when mixed in ratios with other mediums.
    Jiffy Seed Starter - Okay for growing if perlite is added as it has almost no water retention.
    Miracle Grow Moisture Control - Some say it's horrible for growing Cannabis, Some say their plants love it. Good for growing Mushrooms.
    Miracle Grow Organic - The only MG brand soil that can be used throughout a Cannabis plant's entire life.
    Miracle Grow Seed Starter - Great for sowing seeds, but eventually needs transplant when nutes begin. Maybe mix with some peat.
    Miracle Grow w/ Time release nutes - MG has a history of having the wrong level of nutes for Cannabis and tends to easily burn the plant with time release.
    Promix Soil less Mix - Good for growing when mixed with lime to heighten the pH from 5.5.
    Schultz Soil - Schultz brand soils seem to be a good for growing as far as users report.
    Scotts Peat Moss - Water refuses to absorb into it. Good when mixed with perlite.
    Super Soil - Works okay for Cannabis, has been reported to attract fungus gnats.
    Top Soil - Only good when mixed with perlite.
    Yates Brand Soil - Rated 3 out of 6 for both fertilizer level and water retention. Decent but not special soil.
  2. Super Soil. I think its a west coast thing. But I've read and heard from a few different places that its not a bad soil. I used it 2 years ago and I'm trying it again this time but it seemed to be OK.
  3. Thanks for the addition. keep them coming people. + rep to whoever adds on with their own experiences in different bands of soil.
  4. Hi all - ive used Supersoil for my first growband it was cool when i grew out Rocklock; it did seem to attract a few more fungus gnats tho... Foxfarm is cool as well - definitely more compatible/predictable wit organic nutes i thinketh.....lol
  5. Damn, I cant + rep either of yous until I, "spread it around."
  6. Im Using Miracle Grow Moisture Control Or Lock Or Whatever. My Fuckin Plant Loves It. If It Is So Horrible Please Explain. .... I Didnt Have A Good Experience With The Organic Version Though. Grew Real Slow-mo.

  7. 2 things dude.

    1. Why is every word capitalized?
    2. Thats why this thread is here, share your experience as to compile a large lit of Brand of soils and Cannabis growers report on them. I will add your info.

    Keep it comin people
  8. Boo me, but I gotta say it... generic everybrand potting soil, bark chips and all. Yes I love the herb and yes I believe in giving her the best you can get, but mixed with some pearlite, it is undeniable... it works just fine. Get better skills, get better materials... but to start growing the sweet leaf, you don't need to invest much. I was able to grow because I found some seeds in a bag, said "What the hell... let's try to grow it out!". Bought a bag of $1.50 soil at Wally-world, 4 months later I knew I liked the system. Growing is the way to go - I could save money and remove my contribution to black market produce. Ahhh... the good days. Now I search for a decent bag of bud in a dry town. Buying green gives me the blues...

  9. 1 Thing Dude, Why Dont We Stick To The Damn Topic And Cut The Crap About Why My Letters Are Capitalized, Wtf Is This Myspace Or Something ? Who Cares. Go Smoke A Bowl

  10. If your going to cause internet fights , leave those posts on Im-a-pussy-so-i-talk-shit-on-posts.com

    Besides that though, peace and love dude, don't be so angry. :)

  11. black gold all the way, only the best, no nutes, i control the nutrients deliverd
  12. I started my seeds in miracle grow seed starter then transplanted them into miracle grow moisture control( a lil pricy but worth it, i think a bag big enough for one pot was like $6.) they are doing really great in it and growing really fast and green =] thankfully i live in hawaii and supposedly they cant bring soil here if it has bugs in it. so if thats true then i guess thats really good, i havent noticed a single bug yet =]:D
  13. i just got a HUGE bag of miracle grow potting mix and plan to be growing my seeds from baby to bud in there.
    can't report onit yet though, sorry
  14. I use:

    -Black Gold seed mix with organic wetting agent (OMRI listed)

    -Black Gold natural & organic .05 - .0 - .0 (OMRI listed)

    both are 100% organic.

    When I use this black gold natural and organic i mix in 30% perlite then 2 tbs of dolomite lime per 10lbs of mix.

    After this i add my solid fertilizers:

    -Black Gold organic all purpose fertilizer 5 - 5 - 5

    -Sweet Earth organic all purpose fertilizer 4 - 4 - 4

    I usually go with about 25% of the rating on the back of the box with both fertilizers and mix them. I do this because they both differ in ingredients. For example the Sweet Earth has beneficial soil microbes plus mycorrhizae while the Black Gold has blood meal and sulfate of potash.

    The other ingredients they both have are:

    dried poultry waste
    bone meal
    feather meal
    alfalfa meal
    and kelp meal

    This gives my plants a well rounded diet until its all used up then i switch to liquid ferts but that's for another post.
  15. What do u guys think about timberline potting soil and timberline organic compost? It's what I have and plan on using any comments or heads ups before I start?
  16. I didn't see Happy Frog on your list. I can't give you a report on it, but after lurking the grow forums for a while I see it come up as a good choice. Maybe as good as Ocean Forest, especially for seedlings. Maybe somebody with some actual experience using it can chime in?
  17. I am using it also. How did your turn out?

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  18. Has anyone used canna soil? Supposedly its new to the states but has been in europe for a while with great results... Could be my local shop trying to make a quick buck as I have not heard much about it. Appreciate any info!
  19. Not trying to start a flame war or anything but I noticed you just list Fox Farms once while listing 4 different types of Miracle Grow soils. To keep things fair I think you should update your list to include the four different types of Fox Farm Soils (Ocean Forest, Original Planting Mix, Happy Frog, and Light Warrior).

    Just to be fair you know :)
  20. I have used the Miracle Grow soil just straight out the bag and had ok results. I did get nute burn and had PH problems. I have switched to Happy Frog and a mixed in some goodies. My ladies are much happier and my PH has stayed in the 6.0-6.8 range. I will have to say that I wont do MG again.

    8 gal Happy Frog
    2 gal peralite
    1 cup Kelp Meal
    1 cup Blood Meal
    1/2 cup garden lime
    My next mix I'm removing the Blood meal and using Bat Guano the nitrogen breaks down faster in the guano from what I have read.

    Happy Growing

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