Soil and nutrients. What works for you?

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  1. Hey guys,

    Im starting my first grow soon and am trying to decide what I should get for soil and nutes. I might go with foxfarm but I've noticed a few people said to stay away from it. Any suggestions?

    I'm also deciding between t5's or cfls for my lights any thoughts on those?

  2. I'm using foxfarm ocean forest on my second week and so far haven't noticed any problems. I added some perlite into the mix which seems to be going well. I'm very happy with the results of my 4 26w cfls but I think a lot of people have varied opinions.
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    Most batches of FF soils are pretty inconsistent. Their ingredients are not as good os the fancy graphics on the packaging may tell you. People use their products with success but few realize that there are much better and cheaper alternatives out there. Sunshine products, Black Gold products are good, ProMix. They don't have as much plant food or compost but you could amend different ingredients to taylor your own plants needs. If you feel inclined, check out the organics section and search for threads about soil amendments. This is a good one to start with.

    I would go with T5's if you got the ends.
  4. Thanks for the help friend!
    I have read the info from that link probably thirty times since you posted it!

    Yea it'll be awhile before I actually start since my funds are rather limited. I've been reading around on this site fir over a year compiling all the info I can and it's seems like making my own might be the best way to go.
    Sorry if this was posted in the wrong section..

    Stay groovy
    - Father time
  5. i've tried fox farm soil and nutes for the first time over a month ago and i love it. is one of the best places for products, it's pricey but you get what you pay for. a lot of people don't realize that quality dope comes from quality equipment and will cost you more. not always, but usually. unless your just experimenting, if you want to do it good, may as well go all out and use top of the line equipment. htgsupply claims for fox farm you couldnt get better soil if you were to mix it yourselves. T5s are the best besides HID lights, but those are expensive to run. T5s you probably won't get as much yield. my fox farm soil was mixed very consistently. their are cheaper alternatives but their are none that are better as far as quality goes. thats why all the professional gardening stores like flinn's sell it and not your general stores like menards or walmart. if you want to save money i would go with schultz. worked great for me outdoors in the past. i know ppl that also had success with miracle grow. some ppl tell me miracle grow isnt the best, but i know for a fact it works fine cause i havent seen it fail. dont buy some cheap off brand soil. if mixing your own soil, make sure to research. if its your first time, i would recommend getting already mixed soil so you can first familiarize yourself with the process, then experiment with mixing your own. sorry but anyone that bashes fox farm just doesnt like it cause they cant afford it or just never tried it. their is a reason why it is so popular and why ppl say it's the best.
  6. Just got this product(Mels blend)by Growell. Have not used yet but, is 1/3 coir, 1/3 peat, 1/3 perlite and has bat guano, worm castings fert and micro essentials. FFOF sells basicly the same, but without the coir. This mix is half($11.95 per 2cf) the cost of FFOF.
    Was using FF Trio but went back to my old fert Ecogrow and Ecobloom. The Ecobloom dose just about the same as Bushmaster for keeping vertical growth low and filling out the plant with nice tight buds. Again way lower in price($21,50gt) than Bushmaster

  7. No problem man, good luck in all your endeavors.
  8. I am using FFOF and have not had a problem with it. However I have read and heard quite a bit about Roots Organics soil and think I am going to give it a try when I use up all my FFOF.

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