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  1. This is the last thing I need. I’ve been asking lots of questions and everyone is so helpful so I’m sorry if I am annoying.:p

    So I’ve search this question and a lot of people point towards fox farm.
    I selected the 3 bottle on amazon. ( I’m Canadian )
    But it’s quite pricey. It’s $134+15 dollar shipping. For the regular bottles they sell.
    I’m just wondering does anyone have any other suggestions or should I just take the hit and order it.
    Thank you
  2. Go with general hydroponics Flora trio. It will run you half that.

    This is my first grow ever. Using these nutes.


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  3. Organics is a long read

    but a fresh alternative

    to salted sewage in a bottle

    good luck
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  4. Fish hydroslate, Kelp meal, alfa alfa meal, azomite, crabmeal, neemseed meal, bat guano are all more affordable and better than any of those bottled nutes. The only bottled nutes I use is roots organic HPK during flower to give extra boost of Pand K. Most of these ingredients you can mix it into your soil. Check out the organic thread for beginners here in grasscity. IMO this is a better route and more natural way of growing than using those bottled nutes.
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    You want cheap? How about free ? You just pay shipping. Check out Mega Crop. I am having issues with their site atm but if you can get on there, use promo code : OVERGROW It will get you the 610g bag. If that code doesn't work they have another promo on their site for 230g bag.

    I will post a link to greenleaf's site once it's working for me

    Edit- Site works now. Not sure if issue was on my end or theirs. Anyway here's the link MEGA CROP

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