Soil and Fertilizer Mixture.

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    I'm going to buy FoxFarm Ocean Forest Potting Soil and some FoxFarm Big And Chunky Perlite.

    Should my mixture consist of 75% Ocean Forest Potting Soil and 25% Big and Chunky Perlite? If no, please say why and tell me what a good mixture is, thanks!

    Also, got a few things I wanted to make sure some of my research is correct, before I begin to plant:

    1. Once, the seed sprouts out of the soil, I should wait 3 weeks before Fertilizing. Is that pretty accurate?

    2. I should use regular Organic potting soil for the first 2 weeks, then switch to the Ocean Forest potting soil, once I do the transplant. Is that pretty accurate or does it not matter?

    Oh yeah, one more question:

    I am going to buy the FoxFarm 3-pack fertilizer, which includes the "Grow Big", "Tiger Bloom", and Big Bloom", and I am just wondering, during the Vegatative stage when your using the "Grow Big" fertilizer, do you put the liquid in the soil or in a spray bottle and spray it on the plant? Same go's with the "Tiger Bloom", during the flowering stage.

    Thank you all so much!!!
  2. Well, I am a firm believer in FF products. I just use the Ocean forest soil straight just like it is out of the bag, however, I have gotten some advice about adding a little more perlite to the mix, which I suppose it would be somehow beneficial & the best part is it would extend the use of that expensive soil acting like a filler, perlite is cheap as shit, FF OF soil is not. Might want to get some better advice on that mixture, but my thinking is that its good to go right from the bag into the pot just as it is.

    In fact, I cut clippings & place the cuttings directly into FF ocean forest soil, a small cup with two small holes cut in the bottom, I put the cup in a larger cup of water for a second or two & let it wick up through the soil, let the soil dry each time before you do the watering, powder rootone, no rockwool or any other crazy plugs, I even feed them a little Grow big while they are trying to root, two weeks I have nice a pretty little clones, try that with MG...or any other soil for that matter.

    "1. Once, the seed sprouts out of the soil, I should wait 3 weeks before Fertilizing. Is that pretty accurate?"
    If your using the FF soil there is plenty nutes in there anyway, I have feed sprouts grow big way earlier than that though.
    Like I said, I have used FF OF soil for clones & sprouts, but if your worried, FF also sells what they call Light Warrior for seedlings.

    On the 3-pack, that will be money well spent, I use the 3-pack. What I do is get drinking water from the store in gallon jugs, I have well water, so from the tap is not an option for me, plus I tested the store water & it dang near perfect, just mix in the grow big in the gallon jug as per instruction - I use the every watering ratio mix. I spray young plants & clones about 2-3 times a day, not sure if it doesn anything, but I do it in the morning & evening. The Grow big should be used alone, once your done with vegatation & put the plants into the flower stage, mix the Tiger Bloom & Big Bloom together just like the Growbig, you can witness a substancial difference with this stuff in bud growth.

    Now, if you want to go even furthure, get this 3-pack to go along with the other;
    Open Sesame
    Beastie Bloomz

    Stuff is expensive as hell, but buds will be swollen & juicy phat, some girls are just high maintenance dude.

    Most likey the Tiger Bloom is the strongest of all that stuff, if you over mix that you will know it.

    Here's a story, I'm lucky enough to have a local hydro store here that sell all FF products, I might shop there too much however, I have been seeing this dude in there all the time buying all kinds of shit...well just last week I seen him again...cept this time it was on the news...yeah, he had over 175 plants, fucker got busted...he was doing hydro & the news lady said the intire grow was estimated at $175.000...I call BS on that figure, but whatever, the moral of the story is...NEVER TRUST THE GUY BEHIND THE COUNTER. But with that many plants it was most likely stupidity that landed him behind bars, he bonded out.

    Good luck man....

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