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  1. So my plan is to use happy frog soil cut with perlite and dynomyco to start off. Week 3 of veg I will start feeding gaia green 444. After five weeks from germination I will move them outside into 4 by 4 by 20 Inch holes I have dug that will be mixed with happy frog and gaia 444. Add more dyno myco. Then at the start of flower use the 2 8 4 power bloom till the end. I'm gonna top once, lst the shit out of them, tie them down, and then lollipop them so I can keep them defoliated and hopefully avoid as much PM as possible. Also I have chicken wire shit to keep them same from animals. I would love some feedback from ya"ll. Any advice or thoughts would be much appreciated
  2. Dont need to add anything to happy frog starting out it'll feed 3 to 5 weeks. When you start adding to a medium that already comes with nutrients you can run into trouble. Can make medium too hot especially for young non established plants. Feeding before plants need food you can run into trouble not as easy with dry amendments however still possible. Personally I use happy frog with no additional nutrients in small starter pots it'll be 3wks to a month before bottoms start fading meaning nutrients is needed. All I'll do at that time is transplant into ocean forest. My photos can go 3 months before food is needed. Using those 2 mediums. Seedlings have everything they need the first 2 weeks from seed, from seed casing. Veg doesn't initially start until a couple weeks after popping up out of soil.

    My outdoor plants I'll spray with baking soda to prevent wpm lollipoping is utilized indoors to prevent fluffy weed, not that you can't just will remove alot of yield.
    • Word homie. Thanks alot for ur advice. I'm going to follow ur direction and start off in happy frog with dyno myco and then once they r starting to fade I'll transpant outside into the ocean forest with more dynomyco. I'm gonna use Dr. Enzyme foliar spray. I have fencing to put up to keep deer and shit out. I was wondering should I cut the soil with 30% perlite since I'm in ground outside? The holes r 4 by 4 by 20 inches deep. The soil that is below and around the hole is sand brown soil with a ph of 5 ish
  3. What I would do with these materials is to use the happy frog alone since it has perlite, perlite does not retain water and the soil will dry quickly and consume more water. Happy frog already has myco and I would save the dynomyco for when I plant it outside. If your plan is to use the mycorrhiza you should know that you have to feed the mycorrhiza too, to create symbiosis with the plant.
  4. What should I be feeding the mycorhiza? I grow mushrooms so I'm familiar with the whole process of mycelium and shit. I had planned on using Gaia green veg and bloom
  5. Yea I and most people add perlite to fox farms mediums they come with some but for most opinions not enough. I'll water with mycorrhizae at transplant and every 3 to 4 weeks instead of adding it to medium. I'll use molasses to feed
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  6. Yeah I'm reading about molasses and rock phosphate as we speak. I'm gonna add the 30 percent perlite. U think that's to high of a percentage?
  7. Nah
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  8. When I was digging I uncovered alot of river rock looking stones and I would set aside the nicer smaller ones. Once the holes were done I lined the bottoms of the holes with the river rock just one layer on the bottom. Give me a little buffer for drainage and shit
  9. Not needed but wont hurt anything either.

    Cannabis is a weed growing for God knows how long, dont have to treat it special. Just can't over "love" it with too much water or nutrients.
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  10. I appreciate all ur advice so much. Do u think it's smart to run a 15/9 light schedule till I put them outside on June 7th which will be the first day that light stays out more than 15 hours
  11. I use sorghum syrup for making agar for growing mushrooms. Could I use the sorghum syrup mixed with water to create a "tea" that would feed the funji?
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  12. Yea its carbohydrate

    Light cycle will be fine
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  13. i use raw honey with water like 1tbs for gallon of water, fresh banana peel or papaya peel, with the inside part face to the soil, and compost with earthworm casting. i always use rainwater, distillate water or any water that don't have shit on it.
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  14. Word. I think I understand the mycorrhiza situation way more now. I just read alot about it. Thinking feeding with sorghum syrup and mixing some rock phosphate a little farther away from where I transplant it so that by the time the root system reaches it the plant will be in flower and blast it with phosphate
  15. So I'm from a valley and everywhere u look the horizon is a mt. In those mountains are mad natural springs so I'm gonna use that and ph it with organic ph up/down to water them. I have like 100 gallons of water stashed already lol. Anyways I think I'm gonna just start in happy frog, transplant to ocean forest. Feed the mycorrhiza with sorghum syrup and blend in rock phosphate. I have gaia green veg and bloom so if they need it I will add that. I think I should be good. I appreciate this feedback. Helping me alot
  16. lollipopping is not really a great idea at least dont take off too much you can defoliate to guard against PM and perlite is a great idea i do 30% minimum just remember it is better to under feed then over feed and good luck i use granmas mollasses
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  17. Thanks man, I will just stick with lst and an early Topping. Mold is my biggest fear really. I'm gonna use Dr. Enzymes foliar spray and rig an "umbrella" situation over them for when it rains so they don't get to overly wet. I'm from Southern PA and the summer is hot and humid
  18. i drink spring water, and when i don't have rainwater this is what i use the ph is around 7
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  19. Yeah I never take water when I go up, only empty gallon jugs to fill up and drink/stash for the summer lol
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