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  1. In a 3x3 flowering area, under 30,000 lumens, which method would be more effective? SCROG or SOG?
  2. in a 3x3 i would definitely go for the SOG method---i've done one ScrOG and it does take a little more room to weave your plants through your netting/fence wire--it would just work out better in your limited space-
  3. i have some ScrOG pics if you want to check it out--- i had about a 3x6 area to work with... i used this green fencing to make my screen---worked very well for the space that i had--- i ended up fitting 6 plants in a small closet... just trained them into the screen so they wouldn't get out of control.

  4. I'm planning to do a ScrOG pretty soon. I'd like to see the pix Waffleheadd. Thanks!!
  5. I will be using SCROG this grow, I am fearful of SOG for one reason... The number of plants you have going at a single time. You could do 2-3 SCROG IMO in that space but SOG would be around 8-12 clones started.
  6. How come the number of plants worry you?

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