SOG seedling maturity question. Help plz

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  1. im planning on veging my feminised seeds for 4 weeks before i clone. But iv been told that i need to veg them for alot longer as they need to reach maturity first? is that right or no?
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    Not true, usually a plant is grown out until sex is known or maturity so the grower won't waste time cloning males but since they are femmed seed, they should be female already
  3. They don't need to reach any maturity turning point if that's what you mean. The first clones you'll be able to take are the tops. As long as there is enough plant for a clone, in addition to at least one node to leave on the plant, it's big enough to clone.
  4. How do "SOG" and "vegging for 4 weeks" figure into the same grow?
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    He's obviously wanting to Sog the clones
  6. Yes im going to grow the seedlings under 24hour light for 4 weeks then clone them. What do you guys recomend for a SOG veging period after the clones have rooted? How many clones do you think i could get off these seedlings and can i use my 1000w HPS for veging after the clones come out of the clone zone. Thanks
  7. first it is beter to grow your seeds 18/6 hours of light

    second: be sure that when you do your cuttings,your plant recive blooming fertilizer
    than vege. fertilizer. why???

    because vege fertilizers are hight in nitrogen and your cuttings will have problem to made

    but flowering fertilizers are hight in phosphate and your cuttings will roots faster
  8. Sweet thanks and what kinds of yields can i expect? Does the flowering time reduce when you reduce the veging time? Im growing AK 47 feminised from serious seeds
  9. it when it is well grow for a table 4x4 whith 1000 watts hps it supose to yield
    close of 1.5 pound.

    keep it growing
  10. sweet and can i put my clones straight into rockwool and then put the rockwool straight into the pots after say a week rooting?
  11. yes if they are well rooted

    keep it growing
  12. Sweet thanks for ya help
  13. you are welcom

    keep it growing

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