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  1. Hi, i have a 6x6 tent with 1200 w of HPS. And 220w of CFL for veg. In the veg room I have 4 mothers, one i can take 12 clones from atm, one with 10 and 2 with 4 each. So thats uh... 30. I have one bigger stretchy but bushier plant(this one has 12). And the other 3 grow more like sticks but are more dense.

    Basically I have 18 cloneable branches that would be better for SOG. and 12 that would be better for a scrog.

    Hes the catch's, i have a medical license that allows up to 12 mature plants, and 16 oz of bud and 24 imature plants. On the other hand power is really expensive so it would be nice to save on veg.

    Just wondering what you guys would do?

    -I could just flower the 4 mothers I have. And take a few clones for next round
    -Veg them out till there is like 60 clone sites and do a 50 plant SOG. and save the other clones for mothers
    -24 plant SOG

    Basically, I got lots of options so im not gonna list them all but the ones above are probly the best? Idk but help me decide pls
  2. medical here to pretty close to the same numbers with the exception that I can only have 15 no matter what. This is how I do it.

    3 mothers
    pull three clones from P1
    let them go for three weeks then flower (while the next set of three clones from P2 are cloning)
    let those veg for three weeks and do the same for P3 with the clones

    so basically I have three plants to harvest about every three to four weeks, I pull about 3 OZ per plant for a total of 9 OZ keeps me under my limit and smoking good. I eventually take two clones from one of the mothers and flower them with her and change out the strain. all trees, I thought about scrog but I have seen some pretty large harvests with that and am afraid of exceeding my limit.

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