SOG/SCroG question, please help

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  1. Please help. I'm in the process of setting up my grow area. It's a small closet about 6'x3'. I have been doing as much research as possible on scrog/sog and I still don't understand a few aspects.

    1.) When do you install the screen?
    2.) How far from the grow medium should i install it? I've heard 1 foot, 2 feet...
    3.) What is the best material to use? I've read and heard that hemp rope is good, chicken wire, and also thin plastic rope and even high test fishing line.

    As the material for the wire goes, does hemp rope or other natural cotton rope have a higher mold danger?

    And also is this method worthwhile since i'm going to try to squeeze 4 plants into this little area.

    And if it helps answer the question, I'm using 600w hps/mh.
  2. Dude your going to need a super rory fan and scrubber and probably a portable a/c. That 600 watt setup in that small of a area is like a sauna. For a closet grow if your going to use mh/hps especially a closet as small as the one your using, you want no more than a 400watt with a cool tube, and a nice air flow setup to still keep the temp from going crazy.
  3. Thanks for bringing this up because i was worried about the heat. I was wondering if putting the entire set up in the middle of that bedroom would help. I was planning on running about 4 floor fans and ducting from the ac vent in the room right up to the grow area, is that over kill?
  4. No that's fine. Id rig up a big make shift tent out of sheets so you can control the climate settings better, and protect them from dust, bugs, pets, etc....
  5. No input on the scrog? anyone???
  6. Place it about 8" from the plants when u switch to flower.
  7. Use the hemp rope.. im going to use it.
  8. So I let my light run for about two hours while I wait for the seeds. The heat 3 feet under the light was not too bad at 88 degrees F. This is with only the ceiling fan running and the A/C in the house set to 75 (which it's normally at anyway). I clipped a small fan facing directly at the bulb and ran a floor fan facing into what's going to be the grow area and the temp dropped to 84, which I think is going to be Okay.

    As far as the Scrog goes, I think I'm going to follow what Crazey said. Put it about 8 inches above the ladies when I switch to flower. And as far as the material I've decided on hemp rope.
  9. hey man, any idea how big your gonna make the screen? I used a square pvc frame with holes drilled every 1.5 or 2 inches and plastic string stuff for the material. worked well it was nice when harvest time came you just cut the plastic string and pull your nugs out, cant really do that with metal. hemp rope should be fine just make sure you pull it tight.

    i had 8'x6' closet with 1000w and 4'x4' tray with a 4x4 screen above it. from my experience I would start LSTing and topping now and place the screen at 12" above and let them grow into it during veg, you want the screen to have some growth before you switch to flower otherwise you will have wasted your time.

    you adjust the height of the screen based upon how long you want to veg. So if I remember(its been almost a year) for indica, which tend to be bushier than sativia, you want to let the screen fill up to almost 2/3 before flipping to 12/12 (roughly, if you plant is growing faster adjust) for the sativas like 1/2 full then flip since they will stretch more. so if you wanna veg for short time put the screen closer to them so it fills up correctly, if you okay with a 1 month veg then 12" is a good distance with the training. You can move the screen down after you have placed you just have to make sure and feed all the nodes through the screen without damaging them.

    tuck big fan leaves under the screen so that the only growth above the screen is bud sites. I cut fan leaves in half sometimes too. after a certain point the area under the screen will become shady I would cut all that stuff off and let plant focus on tops(some say otherwise). get some air flow under the screen too.

    as far as bending under the screen and stuff if you have question ask about that.

    Here is LBH's 4way lst & topping used to be here on GC but now its not..LBH's "4-Way LST" tutorial (with a topping sub-tutorial) - THCfarmer

    also this guy is badass

    scorg is great man. I had 5 plants under that 4x4 and it was gravy baby. good luck
  10. playboy thanks a ton!, what kind of yield did you get from the scrog?

  11. Yield will depend on several factors (not in any order of importance):

    CLimate (humidity/Temp/Airflow etc...)

    Veg time

    watts/lumens per sqft coverage

    canopy level (meaning you have a balanced/even canopy for full light distribution)


    Health (Of plants during flower phase)

    Training (during veg and 1st 2 weeks of flower)

  12. Any pics on your first attempt at a hemp screen?
  13. I would base your screen heighth off how big/tall you want your plants to be, and what the maximum heigth you want/can raise your light too. Just make sure to leave enough room below the light so you can't burn the nugs!

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