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  1. Hey guys, I'm working on my first grow and upon gaining some new information I decided next time around I am going to try SoG by using clones from one of my white widow and one of my ice plants.

    I just have a couple questions about SoG:

    For each clone that I plant, what size container should I use? I have 360" square inches to work with and I was thinking 3"x3" would be perfect because I could fit 40 clones in my workspace. If that is completely unreasonable let me know :) (I'm a total noob!)

    How long do clones need to veg before they can flower them?

    And how big (judging by leaf sets) should my mothers be before I start chopping off clones??

    I would like to get as many clones as possible so I can harvest as often/much as possible! Thanks blades!
  2. As for pot size it's pretty much up to you. I use half gallon pots, and 1 gallon bogs depending on strain, and veg time. Veg time for clones again depend on strain, like with that black widdow I'd flower as soon as they have a good root base, but the Ice I'd veg for until they're about 10 inches tall. Another factor to consider is how tall you want them to be at harvest, Ice tend to double in height, and black widdows tend to get three to five times they're height. When I do sog grows I use 4 plants per square foot.
  3. Do you only plant one plant per half gallon pot? I need them to be short as possible (Less than a foot tall if possible. If I cant do SoG then I plant to LST. I just need to figure out what will be best :)
  4. OK, then yes you could use smaller pots and go straight to flower with those Ice. Those widdows tho most likely need some LST to stay that short.
  5. Ok great,

    so as soon as I cut the clones and plant them i should go to 12/12 or should I let them veg for a couple days?

    I'm using Fox Farm Ocean Forest soil so what sort of nutes should I invest in for the ice? I might stick with just Ice, seeing as though I have about 7 more seeds.

    And one more question, just to crunch some numbers,

    If I have 40 clones in 3x3" pots
    I go to flower instantly
    60 days til Harvest (give or take)
    How much yield am I looking at?
    How many mothers should I try to maintain?

    Thanks so much blades :)
  6. Well a lot of factor play out in final yield. But to give you a ruff guess, 2 to 5 oz's could be possible in that space. As for how many mothers to keep that balls in your court, the more you have the more work you have to do. If done right every clone you cut today, will be replace with two by the next cutting time. As for the nute help, I'm not going to be any help. I do the hydro thing because I suck at growing in I love Ice it's a forgiving strain, yeilds well, and can be pretty damn potent as well. In fact my avatar is Nirvana Ice, who's mother is going on 4 years old now.

  7. i'm doing a sog, it will be up and running at the end of my current run.

    1) i use 3x3" square pots for clones, and then transplant to 6x6" square pots for flowering
    2) 7-14 days from cutting and putting in medium
    3) well.. give yourself a few weeks of no trimming before you trim for clones and see how much you will get. no one will be able to tell you how much oyu'll get form your mom.

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