SOG Pot Size?

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  1. How big should the pots be for a SOG grow? Also, how many plants per foot should I grow?
  2. the general rule is 3-5 gallon bucket and a 2x2-3x3 space for each plant
  3. The above is true unless you're talkin about a SOG...Sea O Green... in other words, a shitload of smaller plants all with single colas...

    My recommendation is 1 gal pots... I see quite a few bro's use the grow bags, but I haven't had much luck finding them. Instead a 1gal square pot will allow plenty of root room as well as keep the footprint low.
  4. I know a dude who uses 24 oz. cups in a sea of green. He has to stay on top of them and water/flush often. He pulls down a excellent yield but the number of plants is a federal charge, fuck that.
  5. Yea, thats the big downside to using this method of grow... DEA could care less if it's a fresh cut clone or a single bud plant.... they all count. I'd rather stick with the ScrOG and reduce the required plants to 3.
  6. Hey klutter thanks u always answer my questions when nobody else will :) thanks for the help
  7. I guess I will go with ScrOG for my first grow then, but how big should the pots be? Should I use 1.75 gallon pots I have or 1.5 gallon square containers that are a lot shorter but wider? These are probably too small but I don't want to much bigger in height (probably up to 10").
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    For a SCROG you want a big ole pot. The point of SCROG is just a couple plants or even just 1 big female with the screen. Ive seen guys use rubbermaid totes filled with soil or homemade rubbermaid DWC's. A couple big ole 5 gallon's should work though.

    Mattplusness's post is correct for SCROG(the first reply)
  9. I was thinking 1 plant since I have limited space, but now that you say that I guess my 1x1 grow area is too small. I will try to expand my area or I guess I could try a mini scrog (kinda ruins the point, but probably better than not using any certain technique.) Thanks for all the info everyone.
  10. could always grow a few plants and LST them.

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