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  1. Hello, new here and to growing in general.
    I am planning my first grow and would like to start with doing it organic.  I was also wanting to attempt sea of green grow.
    How would you set up an organic sea of green grow?  Are there any special considerations? Soil mix? Feeding?
    I have a 4x8 tent with 2 600 watt HPS bulbs.  Just ordered some seeds and will probably need a light for a mom/clones (probably T5).
    Thanks for looking

  2. How much and often do you want to harvest?

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  3. As much and as often as possible.  I am newly laid off and was planning on taking the opportunity to dive head first into a new hobby.
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    Does organic growing just not lend itself to SOG growing?  Seems like not many people are going this route. 
    It seems like it def does not lend itself to the "no till" style of growing because of the small container sizes?? Is this right?
    I am trying to read read read everything I can.  Just trying to be pointed in the right direction.  Maybe I should abandon the SOG style altogether?
  6. ^^^^^^



    I've been planning on doing this too and came to the conclusion that it might not work like you said yourself i.e. no til. But I'd say go for it; you will get bud out of them regardless on the first grow so no loss there.

    I know I'm gonna experiment when I get the chance. I will of course post the process here at GCO. Hurry up and do it before I do it. LOL And if you do post it here I'm sure a lot of people will love to see it. I know I will.

  7. Oh man, I meant to say "maybe organic growing just does not lend itself to the SOG style of growing"  =)
    and OT I think we are kinda in the same boat.
    I think I am going to stick to a more traditional grow with fewer plants in bigger pots and try a no-till style of soil. Especially because I only ordered 5 seeds and cant support that many clones yet for a SOG.
    Once I get some experience and a handle on all the aspects of growing then I may start experimenting with a SOG.
    It seems that a no-till style soil would not work as well in 30+ small pots and a tilled organic soil that needs to "cook" between grows kind of defeats the purpose of the SOGs quick turnarounds.
    .....hope that I am making sense  
  8. Did you think about maybe doing a Scrog? I know it defeats the purpose of harvesting faster but you will still have some nice big budz. Then do another scrog on your second grow with a few sog plants on the side to try it out.

    Anyways, that's how I'm going to do it.

  9. I have not looked into SCROG much.  From the little bit I know It seems like a good option for growing sativa indoors.  I would personally love to try a sativa grow.
    I like the suggestion.  I'm going to go ahead with just a straight forward grow and continue to learn and read and see where that takes me.
  10. tillygrower
    If you get your soil dialed-in (no big deal), use common sense which means avoid grow stores like a case of Ebola you'll do fine.
    I recently helped a friend set-up a 'micro grow' (if I understand that term correctly) with an 8-bulb T5 deal and is using restaurant busing trays. I gave him the soil mix and several rooted cuttings which are very Thai dominant - probably 90% or something close. 
    He's at Day 30 or so and the photos he sent last night are stunning. But he's not playing Cal-Mag Lockout games, nothin about stupid shit like 'nitrogen hungry this or that - just straight organic living soil.
    It ain't rocket science...
    No there is not with one caveat to consider as far as aeration materials. You might want to increase the percentage something like 5% or so.
  11. Yup can't get any better than that.
  12. ok so now that I have decided to put a SOG grow on hold I am a bit lost on the details on how I should continue from here.
    Instead of starting a new thread I thought I would try to ask in here first.
    Here is what I have:
    4x8 tent
    two 600 watt HPS
    White rhino indica seeds
    I am going to round up the materials to make the "easy organic soil mix for beginners"  with some extra amendments. So that I can let that start cooking now.  I was going to try a "no till" garden.
    I am unsure of how many plants, what size pots, how many plants per pot.....
    If someone could help point me in the right direction to get me started I would appreciate that  =)
    My goals are the maximize yield per year, and to have fun and learn a lot.
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    Well first thing is first, what can you get locally for your soil mix?

    You can also order some online but of course consider the shipping. Build a soil has great stuff and shipping is already included on the pricing. And it still has a fair price IMO. check them out.


    Edit: I can't find out how to link stuff on my phone sorry. Just search
  14. ok so I just got home from a scavenger hunt to get all my materials for the soil.
    I got enough to make a little more than 120 gals (not sure yet if I'll need it all right now.)
    what I have for the soil:
    peat moss, perlite, earth worm castings, lime
    dry organic fertilizer (espoma garden tone), kelp meal, glacial rock dust.
    I need a little help on what to do next.
    I have a 4x8 tent and two 600watt HPS bulbs that I would like to use for flowering.
    What sort of light do I need for veg? (I would like to run a veg and flower room to always have something ready to flower)
    What size pots? Do I need to transplant between veg and flower, or go right from clones to the pot I will flower in?
    Thank you guys for helping.  Still learning a lot (so hopefully I will answer my own questions by reading the boards!). 
  15. I've got some Thai Stick that are a couple weeks into flower that are only about a foot tall so far and very bushy. I started the seeds on 12/12 to determine sex then threw them back into veg by going back to 24/0 for a month so. It will be interesting.

    Should have some new pics in the thread my sig tonight.

    Wise move. I started out wanting to do everything. Now I'm glad I took my time and listened to the good folks here at GCO.

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  16. If you've got the room I would start the clones (once they take root) in the pot you're going to finish in to minimize risk of stunting your plants and to maximize the yeild and easier to transfer between rooms. If I was doing a sog I'd mix all my soil mix in a big barrel to get it all consistent.

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  17. Id wait until it built up a good root ball then transfer them... Better roots can take the stress of the transplant better from what i learned on here.

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  18. Hey tillygrower,
    Sounds like you got a good start goin. I have a friend who was trying a soil SOG. He was flowering in 1 gallon containers and getting maybe a half ounce (at best) per plant. He grows in a 4x4 tent with 1000w hps and only gets 6-7 ounces from a full tent of 12 to 16 plants. When i told him i was getting 15-16 ounces in the same size tent with 600w and four plants in 3 gal smartpots using coco and nutes he didnt believe me until he saw it himself. He has since then started using larger pots and gets better yeilds, he says. Personally, i think it has to do with root mass in organic soil, but i have 0 experience in organics.
    With as much flower lighting as you have, you might think about a 4ft 6 bulb fluorescent fixture and another small 2x4x6 tent. In there, with some dialing, you could veg, clone, and mother to your hearts content. Just my two cents. Be well!

    You have seeds, but nothing started yet, yes? If so, that's good, just get some soil mixed. The soil will be ready before the plants. In reality, from seeds to where you're taking clones is a decent 2 months or so.In fact, all you need for the first several weeks is just a seed starting mix. You could make your own from what you have, or pick up a small bag at HD or Lowes.
    One seed/pot, and what I use for pots is the party cups from the grocery store. Just make sure to drill holes in the bottom. One seed/cup, one plant/pot.Or, use the jiffy pots or similar. I'd recc getting the seed starter mix since you won't use that much for seeds and if you make your own, it's easy to make it too hot.
    What *I* use for veg are the 2 bulb, 2' T-5 HO's. PL-55 from HTG Supply. IDK how much they are now, I've had mine for over 4 years. They were $69 back then. Worked better and much cheaper than the 400w MH that got retired. I have 2 of them. Actually, that's all I use, since I don't flower inside anymore, but do a sort of outdoor SOG in the Spring and Fall. Just host plants (mothers), and clones inside and move the clones outside when the light is right. I've been running the same strain for going on 5 years now, an Indica.
    BTW, you don't need a tent for veg or mothers or clones if you have a suitable space. Something to think about, if you have a basement or large closet, or ?????


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