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    Veg room: 4x4 tent, 180w Apollo led, 400w HID, 3 gallon fabric pots, coco coir, synthetic nutrient ( floraduo)

    Flower room: 8x2x15 closet, lined walls with panda film, 5 gallon fabric pots, coco coir, synth nutrients, light rail&mover, carbon air scrubber, dimmable ballast
  2. The fabric pots on the floor are autos.. Dinafems white widow & g13 Pineapple Express... There are also 2 autos in small pots. They r g13's northern lights x ak47.. I also have 2 photos in there.. G13's blue og & white lavender.. My HID should be here today! Then will really be rockin & rollin...
  3. Subbed bro...
  4. Excellent... In my best mr. Burns voice..
  5. im with it
  6. Flower room: 8x2x15


  7. Veg tent---


    Autos: NLxAK47, Pineapple Express, white widow, la diva, critical jack

    Photos: blue og, white lavender, super skunk

    Flower closet---


    Photo: ice bomb
  8. nice, ill follow along quietly.

    learned a lot from scmc in your old thread.

    the ice's look great. im running a photo critical jack so interested to see how your auto goes.
  9. Cool, the more the merrier! The critical auto she's doing great.. Hopefully a couple more weeks she should be ready..
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    A lil rearranging.. Everyone's doing well.. Checked on the pots on the floor and they r all coming up.. Probley break ground tomorrow.. My 400w lamp came in but at my girls, so ill be adding it within the week..
  11. So far 8 outta 10 autos have broken ground.. I jus planted them yesterday! Everyone else in veg tent r doing really good.. That led is something... Adding the 400w tomorrow..
  12. So as of right now I only have 3 photos in there veggin... Blue og, white lav, super skunk.. Once I get some more coco and pots I'm put a gigabud, cum laude, and a few dinachems to veg...
  13. The led light looks fuckin wicked...
  14. Fucks with my eyes real bad..
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    Day 50ish for the autos.. Took them outta tent for a pic.. Led doesn't work well with photos...
  16. those babies are full of thick pistils! good job man. go easy with the nutes tho!
  17. Yea I been giving her fresh water every other feeding.. She smells great!
  18. I'm hoping another 2 weeks they will be ready.. the hairs r starting to turn on the tips...
  19. Got the hid set up


  20. Switched it up, gotta get yoyo's for the led... But it will work for now...



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