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  1. Hey guys ive starting a thread awhile ago, and well my ideal way of growing isnt realistic

    apprantly my ideal growing room isnt Realalistc (sp), from what you are explaining, and from what ive been reading, But when you mentioned SoG

    I figured id throw away the Hydro idea, and go ahead with soil..

    One thing is, i cannot find a complete guide how this works, i mean i find outlines of the basics..

    After finding this site..

    This is how i want my set up - But i want my Clones and mother in a different ( can i have them in the same? ) Box..

    And should i use a CFL Set up for this box, i am willing to get say a 250 watt ballast, and 250w MH ( MH is best for clones/Mother if i recall right? )

    For the box, I think i would want 2 mothers, that should be enough to suit my style -

    So know i guess is, My set-up, After i figure out How/what im going to do with my mothers, then comes the Actual SoG -

    Was thinking - i can do a 1000 watt , but that could be a problem as for heat, the basement, i am in, or a 600 watt, or perhaps 2 600 watts ( can 2 lights be hooked up to one ballast? ) as you seen has a window, im still not sure about the whole ventilation thing, how do i suck air in, and extract air out the window, without people either seeing the light, smelling, or breaking in..

    Another thing, is how do i set up the chicken wire? / Screen for the cola's?

    How many plants will it take in your opionion after things get rolling to harvest half a pound..
  2. You've never grown before and you want to jump into a SOG setup for your whole basement? Scrap that plan man you wont be able to pull it off. Just grow a few plants from bagseed for your first grow, it's a learning experience everyone that wants to grow needs. After that you'll understand that it isent something that you can just do on a whim.

    Besides, your talking about a SCROG grow not a SOG grow. SOG doesnt use chicken wire, but just to answer your question you place it tightly and leveled above the plants about 2 feet.
  3. i understand where u are comming from, i do. But i want to learn this tatic, mabey i wont start off big, but i will start off with a few plants, then get more as i go along -

    And the difference between SoG and ScroG is just the wire eh? Then what is the advantage of either? Pro's/Con's?.

    Im going serious about doing this, going to happen one way or another, just would like some help with it :D
  4. maybe this will help

    SOG = SEA of Green (lots of little plants producing a single cola.. quantity is paramount, the more plants the better)

    SCROG = SCREEN of green ( just a few plants, and a screen to grow them through, so you get branches evenly spread out)

    the 1st method will involve a lot of little plants, great for soil and a bunch of lights.

    2nd method makes the most out of a lot less plants, also takes a bit longer as you normaly dont veg SOG very long, this method is great for hydro ( which speeds up th whole proccess)

    does that help?
  5. Yep, thank you - So i would want to do the SoG grow, so no worries about chicken wire, thanks bud -

    Can a mother plant and the clones be under the SAME light?
  6. Yes they can be under the same light. It would probably work out the best that way in your case considering you'll be using a MH light for your clones. MH is pretty intense lighting for clones, but if you set up your veg room right, then your mothers will be able to provide a little shading for your delicate clones, and they should be just fine. As far as a sea of green setup with hydro, try looking around the internet for passive hydroponics. For my newest setup, I am just rooting clones through 6" rockwool cubes (although you could go with 4") and then throwing them into my flowering box. My flowering box has 4 quadrents, with the plants in each quadrent spaced 2 weeks apart. This way every 2 weeks, I am pulling out 8 small plants, and putting in 8 more. Hope this helps point you in the right direction.

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