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  1. Hello GC,
    In my next grow I would like to use SOG method for my big bang autos so I would like a guide if possible to do it... ty in advance
  2. Sea of Green simply means growing many small plants as opposed to fewer larger ones. Beyond knowing how to grow plants in general, the only info pertinent to SoG is to flower them when they're small. If you're using autos that won't be forced into flowering, all you can really do to make your grow more SoG-like is to choose a small strain.
  3. i just say big bang autos because in greenhouse website they say that SoG maximizes the yield, maybe i should put em in 5-9 lt pots and near each other
  4. You need t do mass ammounts of trimming to SoG.

    The theory to SoG, relies on each plant basicly being 1 cola. All side branches get cut off.

    That was my first attempt at said SoG. You will see the mess I ended up with without trimming.

    Since then I ran 16 babies in that single 3' X 3' tray, under my 600 HPS, with a yeild of just over 17 oz. I didnt do a journal since I'm kinda lazy/distractable:D. To achieve these results I gave the clones 3 days of 24 hour light, then BAM into flowering. I trimmed all side branches and ended up with 10 or so 3' long colas. I would have gotten more and a better result if I had stuck with 1 strain.

    I will be starting my grow again here in a couple days and think I may do a journal/SoG guide then.:D

    Edit: I have never grown Autos. As far as SoG, I'd stay with photoperiod since you trim so much.

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