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SOG and pruning?

Discussion in 'Indoor Marijuana Growing' started by pungent, Oct 4, 2007.

  1. With SOG the idea, as i understand it, is to concentrate on growing a big top cola. So far I haven't made the first cut or LST on any of my plants, i've just let em grow. I've seen that some people talk about pruning off the lower growth so the plant concentrates on growing that big top bud instead of little bottom buds that don't get enough light anyway. My question is what and how much should I trim off, or should i just let them keep growing without interference?

    if you need more details about my grow or setup, check the link in my signature... I'll be posting some more pics later this week probably, but right now they are all between 8 and 12 inches tall and are only about a week into 12/12 under CFLs.

    If I were to prune, would i take everything under the top canopy -- branches and fan leaves? or would i just take the branches? or do i just clip off little budlets when they start to grow on the lower parts of the plant? and how do i know where the top canopy ends and the pruning should begin?
  2. when I do sog's I just prune everything from the base of the stem all the way to the top shute, leaving it of course, .. the idea is to get one huge nug at the top .. and nothing else.. Are you in flower yet? I usually keep pruning til I am a week or two intoi flower... and don't worry .. .What your trying to prune is all the branches/budsites you can find that are not the top shute.. leave nothing but the top shute... and some leaves of course.. :)
  3. the plants are just now starting to show sex (about a week into 12/12), but organs aren't big enough for me to identify them yet. so i'd say no, they aren't in flower yet... does the timing of the pruning matter? i was thinking that since people say stuff like "fan leaves are bud engines" that i might leave all the fan leaves and just clip off branches... you say clip everything up to the top shute and a few leaves... hmm decisions decisions :D

    does any one have some SOG pics that show pruning like described here? anyone have any pics of the big top nugs that result?
  4. What I meant by in flower is in 12/12.. they don't have to have flowers on them to be in flower.. I would hack most of those branches off now.. leave the leaves as they are sugar factories and the plant will need them specially after your pruning. I usually take the old waterleaves off to allow for circulation at about 2-3 weeks flowering. I wouldn't prune anymore after about 2 weeks into flower..

    It's not really a decision making process if your doing a sog you need to do it like a sog is done.. you will be much happier with the results of big ass nugs then with a bunch of branches and smaller nugs all over...

    By the way here is a pic of some blueberry cola's that came out of a blueberry scrog I did a couple years ago.. the nugs get pretty big...

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  5. i'm a first timer, didn't know it wasn't optional... i'll def hack them branches off tonight!

    okay, i'm convinced hehe :eek: :D:smoke::hello:
  6. alrighty, i hacked off the bottom 6 branches and the bottom 4 sets of leaves (the first single bladed true leaves and the 3 bladed ones that came next). I'll hack off some more in a couple days, just didn't want to shock the plant too much all at once cutting it up

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