SoG 12/12 from clone CFL in soil

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  1. I've been growing hydro the past several years and never had much luck with soil but after reading a lot about pot growing the past few months I felt like I would give a micro SoG soil grow a shot. I have other plants growing hydroponically DWC style, so this soil grow is pretty much just for fun and experience.

    The strain in the cabinet at the moment is Speed Queen. The plants in the round containers are all from the same mother. The one in the square container is a clone from a seed plant and I didn't want to keep those genetics going so I decided to flower the clone, I figure why destroy it when I'd already put so much into it.

    The 4 shorties went in the cab on May 6, the biggest plant and 2 of the others went in on April 10, and the other 2 on April 13.

    These ladies are all in the same soil and all get watered the same way. The soil is my own mix of (Scott's brand) top soil, perlite, sphagnum peat moss, and Miracle Grow potting mix.

    The bigger plants get watered every other day and new plants get watered every 3rd day, or when they need it. So far they've gotten either plain pH neutral water or 1/2 str veg nutes (available from one of my hydro reservoirs. It's probably not recommended to do this but like I say this is mainly a fun run for me).

    So, I'm curious why the biggest plant has spotty crunchy browning leaf tips towards the tops and the other plants don't.

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