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  1. Hi GC, I'm hoping to study to become a software engineer after highschool. So my question is, what should I take in highschool to be prepared to study this field in college? :eek: Sorry if I'm a noob, and if I just get trolled from this thread, troll will be a fail :)
  2. Lots of math. Do as much math as you're able to handle, and do AP calculus if your high school offers it. Also, some experience with programming would help, so if your school offers java or c++ or (god forbid) VB classes, it would help a lot to take those.
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    Alright thankyou! I'm thinking of choosing to take statistics instead of calc, is that ok?

  4. I suggest taking both Statistics and Calculus. Working on building up your quantitative skillset as much as possible. I regret not taking C++ in highschool so if that is available at yours, take it. Take physics.

    Programming is basically problem solving and reasoning. Any classes that help with that are pluses.

    Also try picking up a book on Object Oriented Programming.
  5. Any type of programming, might be listed under "Computer Science" etc, if possible take a hardware related class (A+).

    Best way to learn is to start programming. If you want a low level basic coding language, look up QBasic.

    Pre-calculus yes, but I guarantee you the majority of programs you'll be writing do NOT require a calculus level. Basic Algebra will get you by in programming.

    Calculus in college will most likely be required. Don't worry about taking it in high school though.

  6. I'm not sure how serious you can be, because it's a pretty easy answer. Math and science. Trig, pre-calc and calc 1 and 2 if you can.

    Also, take chemistry and physics. It may not be necessary, but it will help you in getting into a good school and it will help you be ready for college classes.
  7. Alright thanks all of you, this helps a lot!

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