softcore plantporn

Discussion in 'Growing Marijuana Outdoors' started by ccsavage, Jul 30, 2012.

  1. Check out the ladybugs on patrol.

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  2. Very nice, how much??
  3. nice grow man they are looking good, i gotta get sum lady bugs,howd u get them to stay on plants??
  4. What kind of camera did you take these pics with the quality is amazing
  5. Where did you get your lady bugs? I cant find local around me?
  6. Thanks guys I'm having a blast. I ordered 1500 of them for around 25$ and threw out about500 at a time hoping they will lay some eggs because the larvi eat pests to. Just give them a spray with half mountain dew half water and it temporarily glues there wings closed.. the camera is just a ten year old digital kodak.
  7. I ordered them online from territorial seeds.. the also sell other carnivores ...
  8. Haha Kodak just making quality an cant wait to see the nug shots
  9. no doubt....that will be hardcore plantporn..haha

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