softcore or hardcore

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softcore or hardcore

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  1. what do you like better....i pesnally am in between...some hard core is just to nasty for me. and some softcore isnt entertaining.
  2. hard/softcore what?
    im guessing porn... am i wrong?

    well it doesnt really matter... im not a huge porn guy but a little of everything is good
  3. LOL! Both for porn or music: hardcore!
  4. i only seem one porn, and i hate

    there 2 females and one turn out to be a male... i took out the movie and tose it out in the trash can, and ever since i havent watch a other one. but i would get Girl Gone Wild......
  5. Hmmm................hardcore, I guess.

    Not the kind that Shade watched, though. I don\'t want to be surprised like that. if I think someone is a guy or a girl in the beginning, then I\'d prefer they be a guy or a girl at the end of the \'movie\', too.

  6. Thats about the way I think too..

    I don\'t get into all the S&M and getting the shit beat out of ya.. Getting all tied up isn\'t my cup either.. I like it when your free to get the most out of it!!!!!!!
  7. never softcore, i mean, if im gonna watch a porn, i want some porn.

    i dont want a girl to be screaming or crying or nothing either though... and i hate those rape porns.. even if they are fake. So i dont think i like hardcore either...?

    Basic jenna jameson, brianna banks porn. you know what i mean. I girl hotter than anything ill ever see or talk to in real life, and a guy with an enourmous dick, having sex in some wild position i can only dream of fitting into. thats what i want to see... if im gonna see any at all that is.
  8. what the heck is s&m,never fully got the meaning of it.but i like straight up girl on girl stuff
  9. Sadism & Masochism. Basically a sadist is someone who gets
    sexual satisfaction by inflicting pain, and a masochist is
    someone who gets off by feeling pain. It\'s usually ropes and
    whips, but there are some extremists who go a lot further,
    and lets just leave it at that.

    I never really got into the S&M porn, but I\'ve seen it.
  10. short story....
    husband an friends have a porno vid \"share program\" eek i know
    so he brings some home an one night, hey lets check em out,... i read acouple of boxes and pick this CrAzY one, my exact words were ....
    \"now this will be entertaining at the very least\" ...
    dvd, didnt work and later when i put it up i read the name on the case....
    \"Demented sex acts\"

    so imprettysure that puts me somewhere inbetween hardcore and softcore.,...hehe

  11. ...just curious...what\'s classed as a \'demented sex act\'?...
  12. i guess it\'s hardcore, but inbetween, i\'ve seen some stuff that would make your stomach turn........but anything with Taylor Hayes or Jill Kelly is fun to AdamBC said, some of those positions are just crazy, what are they acrobats?

    and that dude, Lexington Steele, he\'s not human, he\'s not from this planet!!.....he must be packing at least a foot, those girls must wanna run away and hide shouting \"you aint coming anywhere near me that thing\"

    Peace out.........Sid

  13. okay just lookin at the box onthe front cover nothing looked tooo wierd, cept this poolball thingie and a popcycle of sorts,..... then....on the back well it seems there was some other strange things going into various places, couldt tell what exactly they where,....ok then it did look like somone was peeing on someone, but i swear i didnt notice that till right now.
    to me most of the front cover looked like girls on girls......

    \"demented sex

    again i still insist im inbetween. uhhuh.... lol
  14. After being down the beach the other day and seeing all that loverly eye candy ,l,am happy just to sit and enjoy.:D

    l think l,d have a heart attack if l took on some of those girls in thier bikini,

    Talk about jail bait .One girl that looked like she was 25 yrs and built real well, turned out to be 15 yrs old ,arhhhhhhhhhh.
  15. Whenever i watched a porno, it was either when i was 14 or when i was older with my woman...

    I watched porn when i was 14 to pleasure myself, i watch porn with my woman to pleasure both of us. At 14, hardcore was fine, whatever could make me get off faster before my parents opened the door, but it\'s not like you could do it, ya know? So with my woman I\'d always go softcore, something thats practical, that you could reanact...

  16. an im just noticing that sidious seems to know alllllot of pornstars names ;)
  17. Sid\'s a Sexy SuperStar! I think he\'s the Lexington dude undercover...just trying to get a reaction. LOL!!!! Sid\'s a pornstar!!!!! :p
  18. LOL.....yeah right!........can you imagine the pressure............. (not that kind! having to perform like that!!!

    shot after shot........(no pun \"scene after scene\"

    i\'d never make it as a porn star, my acting isn\'t good for the mames, that\'s the flatmate and all his mates mean i\'m sittin there \"forced\" to watch it, so the least i could do, was to remember there names as i wasn\'t looking ;) lol

    Peace out.........Sid
  19. hardcore or softcore? hmm...toooo many in betweeners! wheres the gray man? the gray!!

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