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Soft brown and fuzzy...?

Discussion in 'Apprentice Marijuana Consumption' started by hawkzeppelin, Apr 23, 2010.

  1. ok so, i'm by no means a newbie when it comes to marijuana but im finishing up my last pickup and at the bottom of the bag i've noticed a few nugs that have a sort of light brown fuzzyness to it. It kind of looks like someone sprinkled sand on it. Its on every part of the nugs too...stems, leaves, ect...

    Ive been smoking this stuff for the past two weeks and havent had any problems with my lungs or anything, also i didnt notice this brown fuzzyness until just now. I dont think its mold because i've been looking at all of the pics on grasscity with moldy weed, but idk im no mycologist. So what the fuck is it?
  2. Sounds like grit weed to me
  3. Maybe it's bud mold?
    I mean, even if it doesn't look like mold, it can take on very different looks.

  4. Put your tongue to it and see if you get any grit on your tongue. If you do, switch to a bong if you're not already using one. I had a couple pickups turn out to be the grit weed. It was good shit and got me high, and I don't believe I got much of the grit in my mouth or lungs when I smoked it in a bong.
  5. I won't buy cannabis unless I've looked through it all to make sure there is no weight additives.
    I grow my own now though.

  6. Yes this stuf is definitely great weed and i've use a bong every time i have smoked from this pickup. [now that i think about it i remember saying to myself "dont forget to look at the bottom of the bong for particles, but i forgot unfortunately]

    The picture is kind of dark for some reason. but the bud is lighter then that.

  7. i just noticed the black spots on top of the crystals! Fuck it, i think im just going to throw it out. Thanks guys
  8. looks like bugs or something.. eww

  9. Man, that's some odd looking shit.
  10. i took some really really close pictures with my camera and noticed that there is actually A LOT of small mold spots.

    i really hope i didnt do any damage to myself...i feel so stupid for not checking it before i smoke it like i usually do.

  11. This isnt what i was smoking. I found small shavings of bud, like this, at the bottom of the bag and only noticed they were darker then what i've used so far. maybe my guy used some old bag with leftover shit in it...:mad::mad::mad:
  12. I was right :p
    Anyway, take that bud and torch (not smoke) it before you throw it out... trust me.

    Maybe you smoked the ones that weren't yet moldy, and those being at the bottom had a little more time to mold.
  13. its gross looking bud eather way
  14. It looks like you're smoking rotten potatoes...
  15. Fuzzy wuzzy was a bear
    fuzzy wuzzy had no hair
    fuzzy wuzzy wasn't fuzzy washe?

    Woah okay bro don't smoke that.

    It looks like some grit weed.

    take on of the nugs and slide her across the back of a cd.

    If it scratches its grit weed and you should toss it,
  16. I wouldn't even fuck with it. Just throw it away please!
  17. That looks real bad, man.

    But I doubt you did any damage to your lungs. You could get a sinus infection, at the most a fungal infection. Anything you get from it can be treated with antibiotics, so don't worry about it. If you notice any pain or strange side effects, go to the doctor as quick as you can.

    Mold is a common thing everywhere we go, we breathe millions of mold spores every single day of our lives. Smoking mold is never a good idea, but it won't kill you.

    You'll be alright, man. :smoking:
  18. the stuff i smoked looked nothing like this, most of the nuggs looked nothing like this. I flushed this shit down the toilet last night and i told my "guy" about it(i didnt complain or asked for my money back or anything) and he hooked me up with a dub and a little glass stash jar for free.

    i wish every dealer i had was this generous.
  19. Ew ...

    someone was wayy to high and decided to eat some weed but put some pepper on it for flavor.
  20. SPIDER MITES! Throw that shit out now. BAAAAAD for your lungs.

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