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  1. A year or two ago I came across someone selling both golden (kief) hash and soft black hash. Both were really good but I liked the black hash as it was so soft it could easily be rolled into tubes, balls, etc. I have searched all over the internet for a preparation of this black hash but only find warnings of "soap hash" and hash containing opium. I'm sure he made this himself as he grew weed so I doubt it is either of those things.

    I have been making hash using bubble bags (cold water-ice extraction), scraping the screens then pressing these scrapings and letting dry on cardboard. Once dried the hash turns rock hard. What can I do to keep it soft or prepare it into the soft black hash?
  2. on this forum there is a thread called martini hash which may be what you're looking for
  3. [​IMG]

    This is Quick Wash ISO hash, using what was left after I processed the kief from it (Using a silkscreen). Just a 15 second wash in some 99.9% Isopropyl Alcohol, through some silkscreen material sewn into a bag (bubble bags work great!), and about 2 hours in the sun under a fan, and all the ISO is gone! scrape, scrape, scrape, a little kief to keep it from sticking to the fingers, and viola! Glorious Hash!

    Turns hard when it's cold, but hit it with a lighter and it turns to butter.
  4. I have just under an 8th left of soft black, ever since I first tried it I've been searching for it again because it was actually stronger than weed, now it's all the rage where I live, I feel like a trend setter :)
    But anyway I was told you make it with leftover crystals & alcohol, I'll try to get more info.
  5. In my experience the softer the hash, the better it is. Plain and simple. It means that there is less plant matter binding the oil together. Look at some of the cannabis clubs online menus and you can see that the hash they generally sell is disgustingly wet and oily looking.
  6. ahhh im sorry but that just looks like shit. i dont know if i would smoke that. is qwiso harmful?
  7. You should try pressing or working the hash.

    The mechanical action breaks up the trichomes and releases the oils, making it softer. The oxidation of the oils once the trichomes have ruptured is what causes it to darken, first going a sort of chocolate brown and eventually turning black.
  8. Usually black, soft hash is hand-rubbed black nepal or black morocco (or sometimes border hash) and it's usually indica. Don't worry, just smoke it :smoking:
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    QWISO is harmelss as long as it's purged right. Any signs of vapor or dampness and it should be left out to evaporate the rest of the alcohol.

    If your hash is QWISO (and with 2 grades like that, it could very well be), the 'black' that was in your hash was probably a combination of the chlorophyll pigments and the leaf waxes that were extracted along side the THC with the iso wash.

    Exact consistency is tough because you can't precisely balance what will be extracted (without the right equipment).

    My method has been excellent at getting me blond hash, and I've been able to get some good "soft black hash" by adding back a little bit of the waste alcohol before purging, though i prefer the blond as it's a cleaner taste and there's fewer combustibles.

    Check out the "Frost Hash" in my signature, it shows the wastes that are being removed. Add some back in, and you've got your soft black.

    There's a fine line between good brown flex hash and black gunk tar hash, and a big difference in quality of smoke.

    Temperature and moisture also change the texture. Working it with your fingers will warm it up and soften in, so will stretching. HortoFTW is right as well, exposure to air will oxidize some of the material and turn it dark, just like an avocado, only slower.

    If your bubble material is getting rock solid, you are getting too much waste through the bottom, my suggestion is once you've done the initial extraction, take out the pulp and refilter your hash. The mechanics of the bubble bag system allow for a lot of plant matter to become similar size and sink with the trichs.
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    Soft hash as in malleable?

    It's likely it was the keif the guy had but it was pressed. Dry sift (keif) tends to yield a quite malleable end product when pressed, but so does every other method of making hash depending on how you do it.

    It's impossible to tell, really.
  11. its gotta be hash oil or jelly hash from wat u said it sounds like 1 of them
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    Too bad. Hope the guy figured it out. :D

    I clicked a "related thread" at the bottom of a thread, didn't think to look at the date.

    Still, it's a decent topic. I've been thinking about consistency of the hash consistency.

    Anyone have any other ideas as to how to change the physical characteristics of hash?
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  13. gotcha. it is a good topic though, it seems like there has been a couple recently about the consistency of hash. i dont have any logic or anything, but for some reason i feel like the shallower the pan is for QWISO hash the harder it would get since theres more surface area when the qwiso evaporated?? i dunno, scientifically i cant think of a reason that would work, but its gotten in my head for some reason. just some food for thought. i dont have too much real world knowledge on the other kinds of hash

  14. Yeah, I've been working on removing as much wax and chlorophyll as possible to keep it from going 'black' and hard. So far so good, though I haven't gotten to press it yet, so we'll see.

    Check out the 'frost hash' post I've got goin.
  15. Hey if u bubble bag ur hash let it dry for 3-4 days then kneed it Into itself and cure it for a good couple weeks but keep working it into itself over and over it becomes a nice dark soft or putty type of hash very nice to see and smoke!!! That's how I accomplish that with my hash
  16. Okay Ive made these black hash balls using kief and hand pressing it then rolling it in my palms into a big ball...using straight kief it turned black so plant material doesn't have anything to do with the colour...its the oils from your hands and heat from your hands...plant material just changes how stiff or soft the hash is and if it crumbles or tears apart.

    I like the old stuff that is rubbed right off of the growing plants...Im thinking about trying that one of these seasons real soon...
  17. I would also have to say it was finger hash. I was just in Jamaica recently and acquired some (amazing shit) and it just as you described.
  18. Hey man about the soft black,after you get the scrapings spread them out let them dry,you need a metal press mold,turn the scrapeings into dust,put it in the mold bake for thirty to thirty five minutes at 175 degrees,remove and press.good luck
  19. If you make bubble hash with SLIGHTLY premature buds you get nice gooey melt dark hash. It's the best. When plants are chopped fully mature the trichs are more brittle. Early harvest plants are stickier and make gooeyer hash. It works best if you let the plant matter dry for one day so it's partially dry but not fully. Look up subcools full melt bubble hash for a better explanation.
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