Soemtimes I feel like I cant breathe

Discussion in 'General' started by herb1990, Aug 1, 2011.

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    Sometimes when I get high on things like weed or other things I feel like I cant breathe enough...Why is this? any way to stop it?
    I popped and smoked couple bowls like 30 mins ago and Im having the feeling. I hate it it scares me..haha.
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    You may want to edit the pharms out of your OP. we can't discuss them and it will cause your thread to be deleted.

    SOME drugs slow your respiratory system down for various reasons. Breathing exercises are proven to help calm you a LOT, so I think perhaps this effect has something to with that? Marijuana, as far as I know, does not do this however. Read around online and see if the drugs you take do this. If they do and it makes you uneasy, talk to your doctor about alternatives that don't do it.

    The weed can still cause this feeling for a few reasons. It could be the method you're smoking with. Harsher hits leave the throat sore, which might do what you're experiencing. Whip vapes also give a strange feeling when you breathe, so if you're vaping you may wanna consider running the hose into a bong and hitting it like that to avoid this (I hear it works, haven't tried it).

    It PROBABLY (unless you use a vape or very harsh method of smoking) is just in your head. Sometimes weed makes me feel conscious about my breathing, if that makes sense. It FEELS like it's not right, but don't worry because it is. Just remind yourself. This can cause anxiety in some (it fucks with me sometimes but I'm good at shrugging it off most times now) cases so if you're one of those people it's important you learn to remind yourself it's just in your head.

    If you're mixing drugs and you get this effect, it's probably because other drugs you took. Like I said, a lot of drugs do this intentionally so you don't need to stress it. But we can't discuss specific drugs aside from marijuana, caffeine, tobacco, and alcohol here. So yeah, edit those or this will be deleted. The staff wont simply remove your reference to other drugs, unfortunately >.>
  3. Thanks I tweeked it a bit haha.
    Took more of the "unspeakables" than usual today because Ive had a rough day.
    maybe Im just not used to it Yea Im trying to shrug it off to because I know it has happened before lol.
  4. Just stick to weed.
  5. mmm i want some unspeakables....
    i need some things,
    i also need some girl,
    and some bud.

    Damn me :(
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  8. Having a bad night eh? lol sorry):
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  10. [ame=]‪Télépopmusik - Breathe‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]
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  12. Song was pretty cool! and haha just type in "Booty" on google if ya want some booty.
  13. yes I was :(
  14. [ame=]‪Daniel Kandi - Breathe (original Mix)‬‏ - YouTube[/ame]

    maybe you have asthma? i do and it really sucks sometimes after a heavy sesh.
  15. i 2nd for booty pics

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