Sodium Bisulfate Ph down

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  1. ive aquired some ph down chrystals from walmart. im wondering if i can use this to bring down the ph of my tap water without damaging my plants? the active ingredient is sodium bisulfate.
  2. I was using some my friend gave me, caused no problems with my plants and did lower my PH level but it took a decent amount of it to really impact the PH. I ran out yesterday and decided to try simple household white vinegar and that works great from what I can tell, they say about a teaspoon per gallon from what I read.
  3. Sodium........thats a technical word for salt. I am sure you have heard of salt build up and lock up right? If not then research it. Anything with sodium in the name i wouldn't use. PH down will last forever from a hydro store. Its like 15 bucks. The Advanced nutrients brand. I have a half liter bottle. and i literally have to add like 4 drops for my 16 gal rez to drop the ph. It lasts forever, dont skimp on the small stuff. I am sure it wouldnt be sooo bad to use, but the less salt you have the better, right?
  4. Um, no, not at all. Sodium is a technical term for... Sodium. As in the element designated Na, number 11 on the periodic table.

    Sodium is a slang term for salt - from "sodium chloride" (common table salt). Typically this is used - errantly - by people who've been told by their doctors that they need to cut back on their "sodium" intake.

    Yes and no. Sodium is actually listed as one of the commonly used elements in hydroponics. Granted, it's not always used and when it is it's generally in very small quantities (though after a teeny bit of research I've found published nutrient formulas with Na ppms as high as 92ppm. I don't know how well that worked, or for what plant it was tailored, but it is what it is.)

    But, given that some nutrient formulas do make use of sodium-based chemcial salt fertilizers, your advice of avoiding adding any unnecessary sodium to a reservoir isn't bad. Sodium is used by plants but in very small quantities and certain other nutrients can actually dangerously increase sodium uptake. Sulphates, for example, when used in high concentrations can severely boost sodium uptake and lead to toxicity.

    Oh, and the Advanced Nutrients pH adjusters you mention are really nice. It's definitely worth paying for the good stuff, like you say.

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