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  1. I stopped drinking soda about a month ago. For some reason as I get older I don't like sugar as much as I used to. But this morning I'm drinking some Pepsi because my mom gave us a six pack of 20 oz bottles. And now I'm wondering why I ever liked soda in the first place. It's sometimes painful to drink (because of all of the carbonation) and it leaves an awful feeling in my mouth from all of the sugar. [​IMG]
  2. I know how you feel. I almost never drink soda

    Only beer and water for me :hello: Or propel that stuff is like a drug :yummy:
  3. I love jack and coke..
    soda by itself can be ok at times, but we all know that shit is NOT healthy for you
    not to say that jack is though hah
  4. Oh man, Aggred jack and coke is nice
  5. I mix alcohol with soda, and that's about it. I never had it growing up and i really don't drink it anymore.
  6. Interesting...this is what my mother and grandma keep saying, lmao. Everytime my grandma takes the SLIGHTEST sip of a pop (soda beverage) her face scruntches up and she belches so loud it's obscene and she says it hurts. I dunno, is there a study done on this? Or can anyone offer some knowledge on how the more....wiser (heh) people have soda backfires?
  7. Yeah, that's what happens to me! And then if I don't burp just right or if I burp too much in a row I get the hiccups. That just makes it ten times worse. My hiccups are always painful.

    EDIT- Apparently, there was a market study that measured attitudes toward soda by age, but I have to buy it to see it. Screw that, man. :p
  8. Dude, that's exactly what she does. She hiccups, and gets a look like she has just been stabbed, inhales, and then burps for a good 10 minutes straight. :| I don't get it. My hiccups always hurt in general anyways =| But then again, my grandma is 87 and still walks, drives, and goes to the grocery. I never really question anything she does.
  9. Soda sucks with afew exceptions, I havnbt drank it in soo long.

    Unless its mixed with alcohol.
  10. I drink wayyyy too much soda but I do alot of running around and Im kinda skeptical to BUY water. I usually drink 2- 2liters a week of soda. I too hate the carbonation so I drink pepsi products because they are less carbonated than coke. I tried to stop drinking soda's one time and got BAD BAD headaches. Someone said it was caffine that true?
  11. have you herd of the new calorie burning soda named CELSIUS ??? think itll be a hit in the states???
  12. Yeah, you can get addicted to caffeine. You could also be getting headaches from a sugar withdrawal. I know that some people get headaches like that when they quit coffee.
  13. I drink way too much pop for my own good. About a 2 liter a day for quite a few years. Maybe less =|. It's basically all I drink, but during the first half of the day all I drink is water, then the later half it's pop. Caffeine has never had an effect on me though...withdrawals, getting me all uppity or anything. Those god damn 5 dollar energy drinks don't do shit =|
  14. Yuck. Energy drinks usually taste like butt. Sheetz brand energy drinks taste like straight up Robitussin.
  15. But...I LOVE soda! :(

    Haha...actually there are times when I'm high and the first couple cans of Sprite, Coke, or whatever are fucking AMAZING. But after a couple, they start tasting less great and pretty much like shitty sugar water. It's weird. But I could never give up soda haha.
  16. I love sodas when I drink them. I mean I really get off on how refreshing a cold soda is with pizza or something.

    But the thing is I hardly ever drink the stuff. In college I went vegetarian for awhile and started drinking water all of the time instead of sodas.

    Water is so much better for you and you feel better drinking it and save lots of money over time.

    Caffeine is a diuretic. That means it'll deplete your body of water. Your body is 70% water. So this effects you more than you realize.

    During the school year I drink coffee just to keep my mind awake to start my workday. But now that it's summertime I've stopped because it's better for me to stick to my natural clock or whatever and skip the caffeine. Might even try to temper the dose by moving to caffeinated tea or something this next year.
  17. soda is king. dr.pepper is my fuel.withoutitigetheadaches.
  18. I can never give up soda, no matter what. I LOVE pepsi is the only kind that I love, before it was all about Dr. Pepper,, but it's all about Pepsi now. I drink water and rock star plus alcohol too, but pepsi is the shit! hahaha
  19. Cheap Cheap Cheap,Grape Grape Grape,Soda Soda Soda.Now repeat that over and over again till you die.:devious:
  20. yeah i used to drink way to much pop at least 6 cans a day but i have cut it down to 2 i have one when i wake up and 1 with my supper i cant stand drinking water when im eating i need something with some taste and before i cut down on the pop that is all i would drink but now that i cut down i am drinking tons of water and im pretty sure i have lost some weight just cutting down on the pop

    what i really don't like about pop is it just does not quench your thirst after the pop is gone your just as thirsty as before you drank it and that was the main reason i was drinking so much pop

    oh and i noticed you all call it soda her we call it pop

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