Socket Come With The Ballast?

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    So what im doing is this, I currently run a 150w hps bulb, what I want to do is get a 600w HPS dimmable ballist and im going to buy the Quantum one
    Im also getting the 600w HPS Digilux grow bulb to throw in it, so my question is this, does the cord from the ballast to the socket (including the socket) come with the ballast? Or do I have to buy the cord / socket seperate? Like this Can a 150w socket run a 600w bulb also? They universal for wattage? Also the socket I currently got is a cord thats "part" of the ballast, so I cant unplug it from the ballast. Also the picture from the socket I posted has a male piece when I need a female piece to go into the ballast? Im really confused can anyone help please?
    So I have to then purchase the socket / cord to hook into the ballast, the 600w ballast and 600w Digilux grow bulb?
    Edit: Is this what I need?
    I know that will work with my hood, one I bought when I got my hood, so now do I need one of these adapters?

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    They are separate parts, some companies let you pick one out with your ballast, no charge, some companies make you purchase one to go with it. 
    Sockets are specific for the energy flow they are made for. The one for the 150 isn't good enough to run the 600. The reason yours is permenantly plugged into your 150 ballast is so that you don't try and use it on a 600 and cause a fire. You will need to purchase the socket that goes with your 600 lamp/bulb and ballast. 
    edit: remember to buy it in the correct plug in wattage/volt/amp for your needs, 110 household vs 220 higher for washing machines and driers. Larger grows often use 220 plugins to daisy chain rooms together, and you will need standard 110 household plug in, for normal wall sockets most likely. 
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    Ok I understand thanks for the info. Alot of the sockets only list the kv? Like the one I linked, it only states the KV? So why doesnt the one I linked (the only socket on htgsupply) not list it in watts? It also doesnt say anything on the link about it being compatable with anything, the info is just really scarce on the link. It will be the socket I want to purchase - if it works that is...
    Ha! Found maybe some info? So the one I want to buy is
    and they got this one their website too Its a do-it-yourself one, same as the one I want to buy, and has alot more info on the description, says its rated for 600w hps, can you see anything wrong or different with this, and the ballast I want to run?
    Edit 2: It says it runs at 150 250 400 600 and 1000w HPS my ballast runs at 600, 450, 300w hps, just because I turn the ballast down doesnt mean it runs less watts, correct? When I have it turned to 300w it still runs 600w?
  4. The adapter is because the plug in on the side of hydrofarm isn't like the rest of the industry, which all are interchangeable.
    I see that socket as listed to be 'universale', I would suppose that if you bought one, in mogal vs standard, it would accomidate all wattage lights screwed into it. The adapter is only if you use a ballast that isn't hydrofarm, because it looks like a hydrofarm socket and plugin. Hydrofarm have been around a long long time, most of the rest of the industry grew up trying to be in direct competition with it, I have a few of these magnetic ballasts, and they have been running for thousands and thousands of hours. Just in case you think digital is beyond compare and worth all the extra money. I have both, burned out a few of the digital ones :D
    The old school is very tried and true - as long as you can keep the ballast cool. So thats the correct socket and good to go ya think? Shit really confused me, took me awhile to realize I had to buy a new socket at $38.00 =_= raised the price of what I wanted from 220 to 260 :x
  6. incorrect, dialing it to 300w means it should only be using 300w (dimmer light, obviously)
    most of the 400+ lamps come with a 1000w standard socket btw
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    @[member="hello ladies"]
    So does the socket got to be rated for 300 and 450? Or it doesnt matter since the socket can go up to 1000w, so you can run anything inbetween? Also ya ill be using the 125v standard wall cord, yea im about 95% sure thats the right socket and its rated for everything I need..... Except the the rating for 300 or 450 does or doesnt matter
  8. if the socket is 1000w, it will handle anything below that just fine
  9.  Thanks, so you see nothing wrong with it do you?
  10. I don't know anything about the 150w setup you have
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      Im going from 150 > 600 with all new ballast, socket, keeping the hood, the only thing I dont know is if the above socket will be fine with 600w dimmable.... Nevermind I think I figured it out, the 2nd link I had posted above list more info on it not sure if you saw that or not. see if Skunk as anything else to add
    Link to the do it yourself one..... List alot more info about the socket, than the link to the one Im buying thats pre built
  12. Just don't try plugging in a smaller bulb than the ballast is rated for or used at. Everything else sounds like it would work just fine.
  13.  Thank you, time to wait for it to arrive!!!

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