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  1. Ironic, your avatar is badass.. Just wanted to let you know.. But why weedle? I'd go with charizard.. He'd toast that little worm.
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  3. If I wanted to lie about being a sociopath, I'd come up with a story about how a monkey ripped off my penis and I didn't give a fuck; Instead, I ripped off the monkeys piece and replaced my old one. :cool:
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    I had a person in my life, as a friend, for about 7 years who is susepcted of being a sociopath/psychopath.
    Its very hard to put these diagnoes onto a person since these people seldom gives a shit about how they treat others. Lack of empathy is one thing.
    And I hardly think that a sociopath/psychopath would ever see themselves as one because they never-according to themselves of course- do anything wrong anyway. Its always someone elses fault if something goes wrong.
    However continuation of the story regarding my "friend". What made me realize that I had to cut the ties with this person was alot thanks to the work of a Dr. Hanes that has made very good studies on these *paths.
    Here is 20 things to look for, and in no way does this mean the person is a sociopath/psychopath, but if you have someone you know that would live up to half of these points, according to Dr. Hanes there might be time to worry.
    1. Charming & good with words\t
    2. In constant need of excitment and new impulses\t
    3. Low to no responsiblity for ones own actions.\t
    4. Confabulation, lies almost constantly and most often truthworthy.\t
    5. Deceitful and manipulative\t
    6. Egocentric and grandiose\t
    7. Lack of regret and guilt\t
    8. Lack of empathy (no ability to put themselves in other individuals situations)\t
    9. Parasitic lifestyle / lives thru others\t
    10. Insufficient control over behaviour, easily agressive\t
    11. Promiscuous and egocentric sexlife\t
    12. Early behaviourproblems (before the year of 12)\t
    13. Shortsighted acting, low to no ability to plan ahead\t
    14. Impulsive\t
    15. Flat emotional life\t
    16. Frequent marriage and common-law spouses\t
    17. Irresponsible parenting\t
    18. Youth crime (before 15 years of age)\t
    19. New criminal actions while on parole\t
    20. Multiple types of crimes regarding these 10: burglery, robbery, narcotics, illegal detention, murder or attempted murder, illegal carrying of weapons, various sexual crimes (sexual assault, rape and so on and so forth), harsh carelessness, fraud, escape from prison
    If you know anyone that lives up to half of these points or more you should consider taking it very slow.
    Number 1,3 and 4 are very very common among these *paths and if you see them in a person you typically will find many more on this list.
    Back to my "friend". He has almost all of these, not everything from number 20 though but what actually made me kick him out of my life was when I noticed he had stolen weed from me, about 20g too.
    And why I knew it was him was because the day before I had actually caught him redhanded trying to steal from me and then the actual day of his theft, noone else had visisted me on that day.
    But this was no my first thing that made me start beliving he was a sociopath. I know he has been telling lies for years and being such a false character. So a few months ago I started talking to others that also knows him (some that has already said no to him comming home to them and so on) and it was with the help of others that we came to the conclusion that he is actually a sociopath/psychopath.
    Its hard. I feel violated. I have supported him so many times, trying to help him with some issues he has told me about (he gambles alot for example) but little did I know that he just simply don't care at all. He just knows what to say to sound like he cares.
    Which is another typical trait of a person with this kind of personality. They know what is right and wrong in society, they know the social roles but they don't care about them.
    So they can easilty trick you into beliving they care but in reality they don't give a shit.
    Today I'm happy that this person is out of my life but it has taken its toll on me. My energy is beaten down. I have alot to work thru in this process since I feel so violated, so used by this person. And I can only try to think how it must be if one has lived (or is living) togheter with this kind of person in an intimate relation.
    Anyway, my suggestion is to walk away if you experience simular things with anyone you know. You can't win over a sociopath. They will destroy you if you try or keep going.
    I tried so bad to hear him say "im sorry. I made a mistake" when he stole from me but it won't happen. He will never, ever say anything near that. When I then told him to pay for what he stole he actually returned fire with accusing my of extortion. I couldn't belive what I was hearing.
    I can only make sure he doesn't get the chance again and who knows if he has stolen from me before ? I have suspected him of doing so (with other things) but I simply have not had the proof.
  6. Oh, yeah.

    Huge s-path, bro.


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