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  1. So I recently got in an argument with some friends regarding the way I am, and it ended up with them cutting ties for the moment. The problem they had with me is how calmly I could talk about a couple wrecks I've been in that should have resulted in me dieing(and possibly others(pedestrians) since in one of the wrecks I was drunk), my enjoyment of smoking a bowl with some friends as we drive around hot boxing, and past drug use(Bathsalts and research chems namely). They said because of how unphased I am, or something along those lines, I'm a sociopath. One of them even said to go kill myself lmao

    At the time I shrugged it off, but now I'm interested to see if that holds any truth. What do you guys think?

    All I can say is that I'm pretty chill. I lead a pretty normal life as a middle class 19 year old attending a university (Rock Chalk Jayhawk!), have a girlfriend who I love more than anything in the world, and a loving, supportive family who I care about dearly. But years and years of internet use and crawling around the weird ass corners of the web have made me pretty jaded. I can't say I've experienced many of those things, but I've definitely seen videos and pictures. When I wrecked my first car, after all the shit was sorted out and the remains of my vehicles were towed, I had a buddy pick me up and then we went and chilled with some mutual friends at his house. We smoked bong bowls and played SNES, hardly even talked about what happened hours earlier. Not because it bothered me so much that I started to block off the memories into a deep corner of my brain, but for the exact opposite. I just really wasn't bothered by it, not by the fact that I lost the car, not by how if my car crashed a few inches to the left my body would have been sheared in 2, nothing. I was grateful that I was alive, I had went over how the situation happened and I took it as a lesson learned. Then I moved on with my life. And that's how I get through just about every day.

    I've got some more stories if you need examples.
  2. rc's are good
  3. so·ci·o·path
       [soh-see-uh-path, soh-shee-] Show IPA

    noun Psychiatry .
    a person with a psychopathic personality whose behavior is antisocial, often criminal, and who lacks a sense of moral responsibility or social conscience.

    Perhaps if the accident was caused by you because you were drunk and dont see the problem with it and is likely to do it again... then maybe, otherwise sociopathic isnt the word to describe it. I dont see anything wrong with simply "moving on" from a possibly traumatic incident. An accident occured outside my house and it was incredibly loud and horrifying, no one was hurt and I wasnt involved cause I was in my house, but I acted a little like a spazz. Called the cops and couldnt stop shaking, I knew the girl that was involved who got tboned by a bunch of dumbass teens in a truck and the adrenaline was insane lol! I guess they just dont understand how you can be so calm about it, but that shouldnt be viewed as a bad thing.... I dont think.
  4. You love your girlfriend?

    You're probably not a sociopath.

    If you were you'd be using her for sex:
  5. idk man, I don't think every accident has to turn into some life affirming revelation.

    I think hollywood has kinda blown people's expectations out of proportion
  6. Damn if youre a sociopath then I'm fucked. I just found out that my sisters boyfriend beat her and she had a miscarriage( she probably wouldn't of wanted it anyway but the principle of the matter still stands) and I was completely unfazed. I grew up in a completely normal life. Loving parents, good friends, good in different activities. But still I managed to become a drug addict. Don't worry OP, I'm right there with you.
  7. These words ^^ lead me to believe you are not a sociopath. If you were really a sociopath, you wouldn't have emotions like those above nor would you care enough to post this. This is a good thing lol.

    Have you ever seen the faces of death? After seeing that movie and having my own personal experiences with death, I do not fear death at all. I have a hard shell.. It's not like I don't have emotions (I love my family, my girl, and my dog), it's just that nothing really phases me in a negative way.

    It's all good dude, no need to be a bitch about your experience (not that there's anything wrong with being a bitch about it lol), at least you're alive. That's all that really matters :D.
  8. I'm high and a little paranoid that you'll mistake my post for calling you a bitch.. Maybe I'm just too high and I'm reading to far into my own post lol..

    I meant to say no need to start acting like a bitch about your eperience..

    What?? IDK peace.
  9. you dont sound like a socio/psychopath

    im not proud of being one myself but there are a lot of things i wouldnt be able to do if i wasnt, i dont know if its the mindset or the lack of emotions getting in the way of things, most likely a mixture of both, its crazy what the world can turn you into
  10. [quote name='"chronicman00"']you dont sound like a socio/psychopath

    im not proud of being one myself but there are a lot of things i wouldnt be able to do if i wasnt, i dont know if its the mindset or the lack of emotions getting in the way of things, most likely a mixture of both, its crazy what the world can turn you into[/quote]

    You aren't a sociopath. Don't pretend to be one, its silly to pretend to have ASPD
  11. except for the fact that a sociopath would never tell you otherwise...

  12. im not pretending ive studied psychology for the past 5 years i know what im saying lol
  13. I don't think sociopaths worry about being sociopaths, do they?

    Would you give a shit about your friends if you were one?
  14. [quote name='"chronicman00"']

    im not pretending ive studied psychology for the past 5 years i know what im saying lol[/quote]

    Thats not as much experience as you'd like to think. The way you talk points against anti-social personality disorder.
  15. Fuckin hate em, did them(2c-i?) once last fall and I puked the entire time. Vowed never to do them again, and to this day I still haven't.

    I've had some pretty traumatic moments. Like when my necromancer died for the first time when I stepped on a fire for too long in Diablo 2.

    I clearly see the problem with me getting drunk and going driving, I'm risking killing innocent people along with myself. But at the time, I was drunk to the point of blacking out and tried to drive home. Ended up flipping my car into someone's yard. That was the first time I had driven drunk all year, and wouldn't have done it in the first place had I not been black out drunk. Lol I didn't even have to drive, my buddy was expecting that I'd stay at his house...

    I do use her for sex. Just as much as she does me. But I truly do love her I feel. Hell before summer came and we were still going to school in the spring, we were attached to the hip. Slept every night together(alternating dorm rooms as to not piss off our respective roomies), ate together, went to the gym together, studied together.... and the times we weren't with each other we were always texting. I never felt obligated to do all that stuff, it just came naturally. It felt good, especially knowing how happy it made her.

    Weird, my sister claims her old BF gave her chlamydia, which meant he cheated on her. Didn't phase me either, but then again I do think she was the one who cheated...

    Yea, that's what I'm saying. Not sure why people dwell on events like these so much, I guess maybe they're more "complicated" and less clear cut then mine were. I wrecked a car. Why? I was drunk. How do you avoid this from ever happening again? Don't drink and drive. Simple.

    I've noticed that about Hollywood. But it's not all there fault. We know what we see in movies is fiction and should be taken with a grain of salt, yet we have people on youtube making videos of them trying to go super saiyan or claiming to be werewolves. There's no help for some people.
  16. You're not a sociopath, you're just desensitized.
  17. well before you start diagnosing me over a couple sentences id like to point out that youd have to know the long term actions and events of a socio to come to a conclusion. which you know none of lol

    psychopaths are all around us, they know who they are and the only people that know who they are is people who know them very well or that have fallen victims to them
  18. Hahaha no worries boss, I got what you mean.

    Which is why I posted some experiences I've had in the relatively recent past. That should be an indicator one way or another if I am or am not. I'm not making these events up either, that would defeat the purpose of this thread. If I wanted to lie I'd come up with a far more interesting story.

    Good point. But I really don't give a shit about most of my "friends". Though I do have a select few that I actually do care about quite a lot.
  19. This I can believe. Still not giving much of a fuck though.
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    On a side note guys, socio/psychopath is a term thats not used anymore because...well...its wrong. Its an old term that was used for a large variety of illnesses in an individual, from paranoid schizophrenia (not so much the other kinda due to them not being so dangerous) to antisocial personality disorder to schizoid personality disorder. Calling yourself a sociopath because you're not as sensitive as others is really common, but wrong.

    Edit: Okay then chronic man, what's your illness?

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