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  1. I have to write my sociology term paper on a book that relates to sociology. I was hoping to find something about weed and talking about that because it really interests me but i cant seem to find any ebooks or anything. Do you guys have any book suggestions? Ill take anything relating to sociology as long as its interesting. Thanks.
  2. If you could use a movie/documentary: use The Union. That is a direct effect on society and is actually a really professionally done doc. too I know you asked for a book...but just a suggestion.
  3. the union is amazing but unfortunately i have to write a book report, sorry for not clarifying in the OP.
  4. Np, sorry wasn't more help. Good luck and one love!
  5. This covers it all!

    The Emperor Wears No Clothes (book - 2007)
    The Book |

    And when you do your paper on MMJ, click that first link in my sig! I've done the research for you!

  6. Walk into uncharted territory! The l i b r a r y . . .

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