Society crumbles

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  1. No electricity, water, or food.

    Authorities dissolved, and everyone is left to survive on their own. Gangs are out of control looting neighborhoods.

    You don't know what's going on, no one knows.
    What is your plan?
  2. Smoke weed and eat babies.
  3. Pack supplies and travel out of the city as soon as possible. Find a secluded area preferably on higher ground - build/find a shelter - defend it.
  4. Form an armed militia and take over Sporting Goods and Grocery Stores.
    Construct checkpoints on all the roads leading in and out of town.
    Dole out supplies in exchange for Women.
    Rule the Wasteland.

    In all honesty though I'd probably move into this abandoned cabin in the woods near my house with several months worth of supplies and my rifles. Shoot game to survive and grow a badass mountain beard.

    Change my name to Bearclaw.
  5. I'd also probably crucify my enemies along major interstates as well as burn books whilst hoarding knowledge.

    Being a Warlord of the Post Apocalyptic Hellscape isn't easy after all.

  6. Good way to establish dominance over your neighbors lol

  7. Chubby native American?

  8. No. I am a chubby white guy though lol.:smoke:

    Actually my Romanesque physique has no bearing on the volume of supplies I'd bring. I think it only prudent to bring more than I'd need rather than be left wanting.
  9. "invent" electricity, frozen food packaging, MRE's, and electrical devices. profit immensely.
    problem history?
  10. I would get all the food/water/vitamins/antibiotics I could from my house and supermarkets/pharmacies, pack up all necessary supplies, including a gun. Then travel north to Canada, looking for very rural parts.

    Id be siphoning gas out of any cars I could find along the way, and Id also be busy trying to avoid looters.

    I would collect rain water, filter it, and then boil it. So I would always have water, and I would hunt whatever I could. I would use my car and clothes/blankets to keep warm in the winter.

    Id probably find a nice confy spot to do this for atleast a couple years, and then I would continue traveling, looking for any kind of civilized community that still survived.
  11. I would go into the wild, survive just fine during the summer months aside from the occasional outbreak of diarrhea from the unclean water, and then starve/freeze to death during the winter.

    Sounds like fun.
  12. Authorities wont dissolve.

    They are the cause of the crumble and they will provide the solution. Problem, reaction, solution.


  13. First go to the bank and take out all the cash I have, then go talk to my uncle. He probably knows some people.
  14. My buddies got more weapons than bass pro shop. (not litterally but he has about 5 rifles, a shotgun, handgun and countless knives , swords and just overall a good range of weapons) I head over to his house, load shit into the van, armor up then strap up. Then we take to the streets in a convoy with our homeboy who would have an empty vehicle that we take to stores , fill up then return to the lair. We'd also go and collect his gf
  15. Hang my enemies, eat their remains

    Conspire to rule the new world whilst slowly going mad on my own

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