society as a whole is bullshit

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  1. does anyone else think that society is a ton of bullshit thats designed to keep us pitted against one another? some of the threads here in pandoras box have made me realize that most if not all of our social constructs are formed in order to keep us away from reality and ultimately divided.

    take the kid who allegedly fucked his cousin for example. who cares? the only reason any of you think its disgusting is because it is "incest" and that is a word that has a terrible and disgusting social stigma attached to it. the truth is "incest" has happened forever, is continuing to happen to this day, and probably will forever. its stuff like this that keeps us divided and extremely confused about ourselves as a whole.

    remember when you thought drugs were bad? perhaps you didnt, but i know that i was raised to believe that all drugs are terrible, though alcohol was always accepted. when i finally tried them, i realized that the term "illegal" was complete horseshit. i had never had so many significant thoughts about life than i did the first time i got high. and eventually i found out it was all a lie! my parents got high as shit for years and turned out extremely successful.

    it just seems like there are so many bullshit rules that keep everyone separated. it seems like we should all just be dancing around fires getting high and having sex, but instead we are all stuffed into boxes and made to work for a meager existence separated from true reality, blinded by television and other droll entertainment.

    all there is to do is drink for fucks sake.
  2. Yeah I think society takes away from the joys of life but I do believe theres got to be some rules I mean if we were all free rapists and psychopathic murderers would be able to rape and murder you know? If you look at it the nature way these things are totally normal but I dont want to get murdered and shit like that.
  3. i think incest is wrong because i don't want a kid with three arms and 1 eye...
  4. Yeh but that person who was raped/murdered must have friends and family.

    And they would try and find that fucker and kill him. Or cut off his penis.

    But not in todays society.
  5. the fact is that only very close relatives continually inbreeding for generations will cause the type of deformity you are talking about. the entire british royal family has indeed been inbred for generations though somewhat distanced through couples cousins, and the extent of the genetic deformity was a few children being born with hemophilia. no three legged monsters.

    i'm not on a mission to bring incest back into the socially accepted realm of thinking, i am merely using it as an example of how society creates confines people must fit into or risk being mocked by society.
  6. i thought it was pretty obvious that my post was exaggerating the deformities.

    fact is the less desirable traits from recessive genes are much more likely to appear with incest.
  7. The problem with society is its a culmination of a group of people's values and beliefs. With idiots massively outnumbering the intelligent among us, a lot of fucked up shit generally ends up under the right and/or wrong column of a society. The problem is exacerbated by intelligent people exploiting stupid people for personal gain at the detriment of others, i.e. Hillary Clinton.

    Side note, if people want to have retard babies, let them. Pursuit of happiness and all that. Just keep your pecker out of them when they grow up.
  8. personally i think it's a way for the government to control us. which pisses me off
  9. television and the way we're told to worship celebrities is a big factor in it.

    oh and the war on terror. those "terrorists" are just like us. they just want to lead happy lives and raise a family, the .01 that want to kill us have gotten blown way out of proportion and we're told to fear everything around the corner because "them brown people is commin' to git us"
  10. of course, englands not quite right.....and their space program is a ladder, and they have 12 year old alcoholics smashing cars

  11. whatever man, im pretty much with your thoughts for the most part. Ive latley come to realizing something tho, and its helped me alot.... you can call it a cop out or whatever you want, but really, just stop caring about anything other than your own. no one really gives a shit about the kids starving or dieing in africa, no one really gives a shit that millions upon millions of people are living in poverty and killing themselves off and being horribly, HORRIBLY exploited by the masses of the "civilized" world... where everything is fine and dandy... out of sight, out of mind.... you can't see that poor skin and bone mother fucker slaving away 20 hours 7 days a week so you get those special coffee beans, or you get that purrtty diamond necklace, shit, theres even a recent article i read that a special metal, found in playstation's 2, and some of 3's, and other gaming consoles, comes from a few african countries, and they just toss little fucking kids into the mine, exploit them shits, and the price for the metal skyrocketed, from like, $50/lb to $275/lb.

    the point of the fact is, boo hoo, everyone's equal, treat everyone how you want to be treated, its bullshit... everyone is not equal, and everyone will never BE equal, and hence, there will never, ever, ever, be peace in this world, true and lasting peace.... too many people, too many ideas, people are too fearful... somebody thinks its okay to do *A* such as incest, while another person is like "eww, i love my sister, i dont want to fuck her, your a freak" and thinks *A* is wrong... and will do anything to not allow it to happen.... truth of the matter is our society is built upon lies, exploitation and the ability to entertain the masses, while all the real world shit goes down, we have our tvs and computers and 360's and atv's and motorbikes, and whatever man, fuck it, enjoy it while you can is what i say.... im through feeling sorry for the world. Everyones born, everyone dies, enjoy the time you got, and enjoy it how you want to, because otherwise people are gunna be telling you what to do and how to do it non-stop, everyday...

    this shit kills my, i dont even know what to call it, spirit.... concious.... my inner being.... whatever it is, i hate this fucking world, but its the only one we've got, so as i said, stop caring and enjoy it!!!!

    hell, if everyone cared, we could solve the world's problems in a year probaly, easily.... or else in 5 years, no problem.... however the majority of the ppl dont want to make the sacrafices that would make it possible... hell i don't blame them... too big of a shift too fast..... any real change unfortunetly takes too long to do any kind of good..... just the fucked up world that's been built up for us... ive had no say it in really till now, and not nearly enough like minded people to do shit about it, as its been said before, too many dumb people...

    whatever... roll one up and light it :D

    have a great day everyone
  12. my opinion is this.

    fuck what the mass major says, its not worth sweating it.
    life is too short to live with a hateful out look.
    have fun, live it up and impress the people who are your true friends.

    who cares if you are placed into a "category" dont let that shit bother you man.
  13. My current problem is I went from being a humanitarian to a misanthrope. So now I'm angry and bitter about the world instead of angry and depressed. lol.

  14. I completely agree with your observation that the world is fucked up beyond belief and that any major change that would shatter the social order is not likely to come. However, I think the attitude that we should just not give a fuck because things are messed up is a very poor one. The mass majority of people might be ignorant to the real issues of the world or worse yet uncaring. But that doesn't mean that the minority that sees these issues and wants them to go away should just give up. If you think racism should go away, then take a serious step and truly treat all races equally. Equal doesn't mean agreeing with everyone's beliefs, it just means respecting their right to believe whatever they choose. Same thing with poverty. You want to see some change in Africa? Then donate to non-profits trying to stimulate economic growth (i.e agricultural technology, small business, etc; check out

    All I'm saying is that the world may be seriously fucked up but that doesn't mean that those who recognize its failures should just abandon trying to improve it.
  15. Misanthropy ftw. :D
  16. Just do everything outside of the norm and everything opposite the government's outlook and you will achieve distance from normalcy. All the people who do not "live" and experience things (smoking pot, drinking at age 15, etc.)...these are the sheep of the world.

    I am proud of being a misanthrope. Too many people have too many spoons stuck up their asses. Idiocy comes at a premium these days.
  17. People don't know how to interact anymore. Fists fly for stupid shit that could be resolved if people just knew how to interact with one another
  18. Word.
  19. Crappy photoshop is crappy.
  20. Sounds like you've just Woken Up. Welcome back, friend :)
    This is only the beginning, there is a long journey ahead of you. If you like to read and want some new perspectives, I have a good read for you. PM me.

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