Society and how it causes conflict

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  1. I had a very interesting high epiphany last night. I began to think of how amazing humans are in the way that each and every single one of the 6 billion of us right now are completely unique. There is no two people who are exactly alike. Every single one of us is born with our own unique qualities and flaws that are viewed differently by every single one of our unique perspectives of life. It is very important that we learn to embrace this truth, for it will lead to peace amongst many. The fact that many humans cannot understand this is the reason wars and conflicts exist; a failure to understand and communicate. Many of our unique qualities are unacceptable by some, loved by others, and scorned by others.

    This problem is amplified by society itself. Societies all over the world place different norms, laws, and customs on ways of life and ideals. But how can such tenets by imposed on humans when we ourselves have our own norms, laws, and customs from person to person which make us all unique? Society takes away one's own sense of personal identity and transforms it into a way of living that ought to be a certain way. In a collective sense, society basically shuns anyone who dares to deviate from its norms and labels them an outcast. But once again, how can anyone be an outcast if we all share our own unique qualities that make up every single soul on the planet? Because society creates these labels. On a larger scale, one society may label another society as deviant simply because the deviant society does not appease the norms of the other society. This leads to wars. In reality, one society cannot speak for its entire population, because individual differences make the entire human race unique and in reality should not be labeled under any society.

    Up to now society has kept the human race intact. It has kept us from ripping everyone apart and establishing a certain level of order. But now, I feel as if society is a web that is holding everyone together but at the same time, preventing us all from truly discovering the self and not only understanding it, but respecting it amongst each other. The day that we no longer need any society or government or whatever to keep us all in order, the day that we finally realize the unique characteristics of every single human on the planet and learn to coexist amongst them is the day that we evolve into something else.

    What do you guys think?
  2. No government. There will be order. No money. There will be love. No control. There will be harmony. No laws. There will be freedom.
  3. Speaks out of my heart. Imagine a free world, without cause for conflict.
  4. My idea of a perfect world is everything John Lennon says in the song Imagine
  5. You cannot have a free society with secret society and secret institutions with secret mandates, they will always infiltrate the highest levels and maintain power, as evident throughout history. Look to them as evil because they are secret, because it is very true.
  6. We all keep secrets. Suppose secret groups were really the problem. But of course someone would know the truth. That person not telling it like it is is just as harmful. :p

  7. Without hate, how do you measure love? Without strife, how do you measure harmony? Without imprisonment, how do you measure freedom?

    Love, harmony and freedom ONLY exist because hate, strife and imprisonment exist. You can't have one with out the other.

    If you want love and harmony and freedom, you need to create those for yourself, instead of relying upon society to do it for you.

  8. lol If I wanted the narrow type of self you illustrate, I wouldn't be on GC.

  9. Then please explain to me how you can have Love, Harmony and Freedom without their opposites.

    How would you know what "LOVE" is, if there is no hate to compare it to?

  10. Because true love is not about comparison.

    True love is that with no opposite.

    True love is a feeling. Hatred, which you seem to think is opposite love (it really just colors loving), is also a feeling. Show me something with no trace of feeling.
  11. conformity is forced, unnatural. we are a curious species. you try to force us left and we wonder whats right.

    the government tends to over dramatize the evil on earth, its not as bad as they makes us think. it only inflicts fear of a contructed evil (we only are born with two natural fears, loud sudden noises and falling). we need to truly feel free to do what ever (may it be heroin or weed, its our choice to put anything in our body for example).

    dont get it twisted and think im not saying society dosnt need structure. we need protection against violent crimes, but we need to pull the line back. we can make some changes without letting the world get out of hand. its not black and white, there are shades of grey.

  12. Everything has an opposite. For every action, there is an equal or opposite reaction.

    There is no up without down. There is no left with out right. There is no love without hate. And often, love and hate are one and the same.

    If all we ever felt were positive emotions, how do we know they are positive? If everything in the world was red, the concept of 'color' would disappear. If All emotions were positive, the concept of emotions would disappear.

    I don't want to live in a world without negative emotions, because they make the positive ones that much more real and meaningful. It's very superficial and naive to believe that love (or any emotion) stands on it's own. Humans are more complicated then that.
  13. It's good to know what you want. It's also wise to know what you need. But it is best to recognize who you are.

    It doesn't bother me that others choose duality, but one thing with no opposite in your reality is that everything has an opposite.
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    We're debating this exactly because your reality is the opposite of mine. Thus, you've proved my point that even the idea that everything has an opposite, has an opposite view point. ;)

    Again, I ask, how do you measure love without hate?

    You do believe there are varying degrees of love, right?

    I mean love strawberries, but I *LOVE* my son. Without the ability to experience varying degrees of love, I might abandon my own child for a pint of strawberries. So love is, therefore, something to be measured. That is necessary for our survival of our species.

    Everything that can be measured has a theoretical beginning and end. The starting point of love can't be love, or it can't grow or go anywhere, and thus we can't grow or go anywhere as a species.

    There is hate, dislike, irritability, neutrality, like, adoration, passion, lust, love, etc. They are all a range of emotions, by which we measure other emotions and how we interact with each other. They all play an important roll that help up decide what paths to follow in life. They are the emotions that keep families together.

    And most importantly, emotions are what make us all unique... which is what this is all about. If your ideal society is one without money, competition, hate, strife, imprisonment or government, then your ideal society is one where everyone thinks and feels the same narrow, superficial thoughts and behaves in the same narrow, superficial way.

    Any limitations that you feel because of "society", are limits that you place upon yourself. Society doesn't prevent you from finding yourself, and society doesn't place labels on you. YOU prevent you from finding yourself and YOU place labels on you.

    The only thing society does is provide consequences for your actions. Society exists because what YOU do affects other people (or is it "effects"? I always fuck those up).

    In this world (especially in the US) you CAN do whatever you want. You can be whoever you want, go where ever you want, and live your life however you want to. But because those things affect other people, you also have to accept the consequences of what you do (or work to change things).

    (eta: to clarify my last paragraph, I understand that there are some incredibly oppressive governments around the world where of course, what I said doesn't apply. But I'm assuming most of us here are reading this from a computer with internet access, living in democratic societies where we have plenty of opportunities available to us)
  15. I can appreciate your perspective. I don't know what else to tell you. :)

  16. It's how we handle the negative emotions that should ultimately determine how we live. Hate, jealousy, greed, all the negative emotions that you can think of are what cause the chaos in the world today. But it is our actions that result from these emotions that cause the chaos, not the emotions themselves. As I said, we are all unique. All our wills and perceptions may not always be the same, but instead of clashing with such a truth by sending troops, making laws, killing, or whatever, we must accept it and understand it. We cannot. If every single one of us understood this, we wouldn't need a government to stop us from clashing with our differences.

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