Socialized Medicine - JUST SAY YES!!

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  1. so we just need to raise taxes to pay for socialized medicine? sucks that almost 20% of everyone is unemployed, and even people with jobs dont really have a whole lot of extra money to spend. i live in the most heavily taxed state in the union, with a shithole budget that will probably be forced to raise taxes (again) on their own

    but if we just raise taxes on everyone that is already strapped anyway, THEN we can afford to pay for all the shitholes that are going to go to the hospital for ANYthing thats wrong with them

    ever wonder why you have to wait HOURS in the ER?
  2. Id rather them take $10 a week out of my check so I could go to the hospital, than be sitting here missing work, because I cant.
  3. 20%? The highest it got was 10.9% i believe...

    you have to wait hours in the ER but do you know how long Europeans wait?
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    The highest U3 got might have been 10.9%, maybe.

    U6 was/is closer to 20%.
  5. NNNNNNNNNNNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    this healthcare bill is about 66% increasing the power that the federal government has over our lives
    employers can mandate that people on their health insurance plans quit smoking, or lose weight
    if the government is footing this bill, who's to say that they won't do the same
    I GUARENTEE that they will use this bill as a means to regulate personal behavior
    the rest of the bill breaks down like this: 32.9% pork, and 0.1% actual beneficial reforms
  6. So what happens to the revenue they make from cigarettes? Or the revenue they make from heartburn medicine because so many Chubby McFatasses eat mcdonalds every day? If anything they'd force us to eat shitty food and give us shitty medicine to "help treat those darn symptoms!" :rolleyes:
  7. The money one pays now for private health-care providers would be the money that would be taxed. There would be no change in the amount of money one spends (one would probably spend less, actually) and with this system people would actually receive healthcare instead of being turned down at every opportunity by the insureance companies, who are, let me remind you, for-profit companies!

    When insurance companies make more money denying care to members, something is seriously fucked up with our healthcare system. Virginia just had a major state bill (or ordnance, law, something) that makes it so residents are no longer required to have health-care plans. This is a step in the correct direction, and it goes to show how much the states can do to resolve these problems instead of waiting around for the bickering to end in the fed gov't.

  8. I guess this is a dig, so I want to jump straight in and defend us. The longest anyone I know has waited was 40 minutes, and that was because he was a low priority because it was only a broken arm. I know people who are receiving radiotherapy free and recently had a free breast cancer operation. My mum received 4 free operations on her shattered elbow, 12 months of physiotherapy and now gets bi-yearly check ups. You NEVER hear of someone who has been refused treatment, help, an ambulance, a choice of hospital, a choice of doctor or getting into debt because of an injury.

    Just wanted to straighten out a few myths that anti-socialized medicine politicians are spreading in America. Remember, with a system like ours there's also no need for health insurance, so taxes go up, but other costs go down.
  9. To all the anti health care guys out there - did you watch the video, or are you just spewing the crap you saw on Fox News:rolleyes:
    Listen to these other guys who actually live with socialized medicine, see what they have to say about it. Seems like EVERYONE who has it LOVES it - So why should we pay out the nose for insurance, only to be denied coverage when we get sick? Its fucking stupid, and the main reason I dont have ins.
  10. Combat stereotype with stereotype.

    Well played. :rolleyes:
  11. Every liberal makes the assumption that if you hate the health care bill you watch Fox News... :rolleyes:

    Fuck the health care bill. I don't need to watch a video or Fox News to tell me what I want and how I want it. The current bill is a load, and I don't think it will improve our lives. WE DON'T EVEN HAVE THE MONEY FOR IT. Let alone tax us more? Hahahahaha...

    I want to pick my doctor's. I want to pick my insurance. I would rather pay for prescriptions myself than hand anything over to the government. I don't want to have to pay for something if I don't need it (I do not ever get sick because I eat healthy, maintain my weight, practice good hygiene and smoke weed :smoke:).

    Yeah, I'll get sick at some point, I always do. Everyone hurts themselves at some point. But I'm not a chronically ill vegetable in a bed. Mind you, I think we should support these people other ways rather than just have EVERYONE pay into the exact same plan to get the exact same thing. I'm not exactly everyone else. :wave:
  12. Not every liberal...just the ones who lack originality.
  13. Oh Ill agree that the health care bill is crap - What we NEED is SOCIALIZED medicine, not some overinflated bill that ins. lawyers will wriggle their way around in 6 months.

    Im not a liberal - and I dont watch cable news:p
  14. What a sad state democracy is in these days. We fear that we'll be regulated by a government that was chosen by the very people they should be governing.

    Not to say that it won't happen, but goddamn.. The illusion of democracy is becoming transparent, and people don't seem to care at all.

    When the people fear their government, there is tyranny; when the government fears the people, there is liberty ~ Jefferson

  15. It's not the government we don't trust, it's the people. It's the shitty system that the health care bill is going to create. We haven't had anything happen to make us fight for our lives in some time. Most Americans have no idea what it means to be a real American because they don't know the meaning of sacrifice. Politicians are the second most self-serving pieces of shit on Earth, right behind criminal defense attorneys.

    Take a look at the Iraqi people, for example. They want to be as hands-on as possible while building their government because they CAN. Ten years ago, 99% of Iraqis lived terrified. We, as Americans, are starting to become so disgusted with our own political process that we will eventually elect a dictator. That or we need to get attacked by a military again.
  16. And now that our judges have decided that money = speech, our government will be taken over even more by large cooperations that no longer have to hide in the shadows to run their agendas.

    [ame=]YouTube - Corporate America finds new ways NOT to hire Americans[/ame]

  17. I agree. Even as a strong advocate of socialized healthcare Obama's bill is cobbled together at best. In America you'd need at least a whole term to form a proper healthcare bill to benefit the maximum number of people. Sadly, as per recent polls, you all want Obama to get everything done as fast as possible.

    Politicians, while not the most saintly beings are definitely only that bad in America. It comes down to the corporatism... blatant lobbying of politicians, campaign funding; the corportisation of the American political system. Defence attorney's as well... there's too much money involved, too much greed and less pursuit of the truth and protection of the innocent as per a fair legal system.
  18. wait, how does socializing health care help private insurance companies?

    and how does anyone know what the bill says if not even those in Congress have been able to go over it properly?

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