Socialism is the Universal Order - Say What???

Discussion in 'Politics' started by maxrule, Nov 18, 2011.

  1. This very odd person stopped by my youtube channel and left the following comment. It is bizarre to say the least.

    This guy is supposedly 91 years old and he is telling me that socialism, national socialism is the universal order. You recall that Popes have called for a new world order right?

    Say what??? :confused:

    They are talking about a socialist global order are they not? I've always maintained that the NWO is fascist at the top and Socialist at the bottom. The OWS movements seem to be promoting global socialism. :eek:

    A lot you guys are smarter than I am. What is this guy talking about?

    I put the word "yehudery" in to Google and about a 8 people have ever used this word on-line. Most of them are Nazi sympathizers. :rolleyes:

    Socialism is evil in my opinion. Socialism will always be racist. It's nothing more than social-universalism. Nobody is allowed to be an individual and you can not opt out. What is your opinion?

    Attention mods: this is a political thread discussing Socialism and Racism. I apologize for any talk of religion. Socialism is a political topic and Jesuits are not a conspiracy theory.

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    It's a troll. Perhaps it's just satire or weird social commentary or something.

    edit: upon further examination, it appears to be a run-of-the-mill racist troll... nothing notable about it really.
  3. What is this shit?
  4. National Socialism=/=Socialism

    Just because hitler was dumb as fuck and stole names and symbols from just about everything, like in the case of socialism, does not mean they are the same.
  5. I concur. He is trolln' but he doesn't speak like a run of the mill troll. He sounds educated to me. Not American public school educated. He seems to know a lot about Hitler and politics.

    He is also very knowledgeable of the Universal Church. This makes me go...hmmmmm.

    I noticed that he joined youtube in Nov. :rolleyes:

    Do you think that this dude really is in Rome?

    Do you think that he is really 91? He's made comments on other channels about his trembling hands. All his friends appear to be racist / nazi / socialist types.

    I know a thing or two about the Nazi's but not that much about trolls. :p

    He mentions to one user that he once belonged to the Order of the Iron Wreath. :eek:
  6. nazi's and socialists hate each other though
  7. Yea, hitler went after the socialists/trade unionists before the jews. Yet some people still think they are the same :confused:
  8. he's probably a racist 14 year old in the US who is way too into Nazi bullshit and generally weird crap.
  9. Hmmmmm... I'm cooking some brain cells trying to get my mind around this. Perhaps Nazi's are too damn insane to be understood.

    I appreciate the input of the intellectual types here in the city.

  10. National Socialism=Corporatism

    Democrats have disguised corporatist policies as semi-socialist ones. I think if there is any universal order, it would be corporatism.
  11. he's against modernism, feminism, liberalism, faggotry and contraception. i think it's safe to say this crazy man should hate socialists as well. when he's referencing the term national socialism, he's probably referring to the coin termed by hitler who corrupted the name.
  12. I guess that the term socialism is a pretty broad brush. A lot of people advocate socialism. It has always lead to the deaths of millions when it is under the control of evil dictators who are in charge of all the planning. That just don't sound like a fair system to me.

    Can you imagine a corrupt government like the US or the UN planning every means of production and distributing fairness and equality? I got a feeling that some people would be left out. I got a feeling that a lot of racial groups would get burnt on that deal.

    Never the less I'm pretty sure global socialism (social universalism) is exactly what the 'new world order' crowd is leading us towards.

  13. But true socialism is about giving power to the people, and making society equal. Racism and socialism dont mix because of socialisms main point of equality.
  14. Corportism=Fascism

    I think that is what this guy is talking about.

  15. If we collectively decided to become National Socialists we could do great things, for ourselves and the world. Nothing but God would be able to stop us. Imagine a government/people with the organization and solidarity as the Nazis had but starting off with it as the most powerful nation on Earth (the new fascist constitution would still include protections of our rights, no need to adopt the entirety of an ideology; take the good leave out the bad ;)). It would be hypocritical as hell for us to do that but hell if it works DO IT. Clearly something in Germany during the early half of the 20th century was working, working damn well.
  16. It's a Utopian dream but it will never work. Billions will die and millions more will suffer needlessly.

    God will stop it. ;)

    The new world order has a paper destiny and Almighty God is coming with a can full of gas and a hand full of matches.

  17. Groan. I always hate to hear someone say "socialism is evil," or something along those lines.

    This is akin to saying you hate a "Republic," because you hate, "Republicans."

    Capitalism is one ridiculous end of the production / ownership spectrum. Communism is the other. Both are too extreme to function.

    Socialism - despite the way you've heard it used in the past - is defined as the synthesis, the huge range of middle ground in between the two. And, IMHO, only somewhere in that middle ground is the system that won't lead immediately to one group of people oppressing another.

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